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windswept logoShellACT 

A handy utility for quickly adding attachments to ACT! contacts

ShellACT extends your ACT! database to the Windows environment so you don't even have to have ACT! running. For example, if you're using Windows Explorer and find a document or picture that you'd like to attach to one of your ACT! contacts, simply right-click and ShellACT lets you quickly attach the selected document to any contact in your ACT! database. ShellACT is perfect for times when you're not working in ACT! but need to quickly associate a file or document you are working on with a contact. The next time you open ACT!, the files you linked with ShellACT appear as file attachments to your contact.

ShellACT screen

ShellACT goes even further with MS Word. While you are editing a document, you can quickly insert your ACT! contact data without leaving Word. Just select the ShellACT menu item from within Word and a popup list of ACT! contacts appears. Select the contact and then the data that you wish to insert and it is immediately pasted into your document.

This can save a lot of time trying to copy-and-paste from ACT! or otherwise transfer data from ACT! into Word.


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ShellACT quickly add attachments to an ACT! contact without ACT! running. Also quickly and easily copy ACT! contact info into a WORD doc

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ACT! Compatibility


Ver. 4.x


Ver. 5.x/2000


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System Requirements


  • ACT! v4.0 or above
  • Windows 95 or above
  • Internet Explorer v3.0 or above


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