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Rebuild PopUp List

Rebuild PopUp List

Read the contact or group records, collect the set of distinct values in a field, then after (optionally) clearing the existing Popup/F2 list for that field, rebuild the Popup List using that set of distinct values.

Need to clean up that pesky "Company-auto-update" Popup-List?

Want to improve performance when selecting from a known set of zip-codes?

Just want to do a QUICK "cleanup"?

Rebuild Popup List works with both Contact fields and Group fields. It can clear out all the “residual garbage” that has accumulated over time, especially for fields with the “auto update” option that adds an entry to the popup list, even when the entry is misspelled or erroneous.

Rebuild Popup List lets you choose whether to clear the existing list of all values before being rebuilt. You can choose to keep “multi-valued” entries as unique, separate entries, or split them into their component parts. You can even remove selected values from the list that gets rebuilt.

Rebuild PopUp List

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Untouched Contacts Locate ACT! contacts NOT updated during the selected date range, based on selected types of updates.

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