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The ACT! Data Cleanup Wizard

Sage SoftwareClean up your data



Your database contains old or irrelevant data that you would like to remove


The ACT! Data Cleanup Wizard is an application created by ACT!'s Database Services Department. This wizard will selectively remove data from your database, giving you the ability to clean up data using very specific criteria. You can filter data by date range, selected user or users, or individual data type.

How the Data Cleanup Wizard Works

1. When you run the program, you will have an opportunity to select the database you want to cleanup. (For best performance make sure no one is using the database in ACT! when you run the wizard.)

2. After you select the database, you will have an opportunity to select your date range, and user options. It looks like this:

Date and User Options

3. If you select "Within a date range" or "Before a certain date," the wizard will remove data that is up to, but not including the date(s) listed.

4. After you make those selections and click Next, you will be presented with the data-type selection screen.

  • There are check books for every data type there is in ACT!. You can select all, none, or any combination of data types.

  • If you choose to cleanup Uncleared activities, you have the option to select uncleared calls, meetings and to-do's separately. If any records in your database match the criteria you select, the record will be deleted.

  • The data type "Attachment" refers to Note/History records of the type "Attachment" that are within the date and user criteria that you selected.

  • The option to cleanup"ALL invalid attachment" will remove any attachments to files that are not present. (Usually because the file has been moved or renamed). This applies to ALL invalid attachments regardless of User, Date or the Type of record the attachment is associated with, and in this case only, the attachment value is cleared, but the source record is not deleted.

Item Type Options

5. After you select your data type options, you will be given a chance to review your settings. The review screen displays the date range, user and type options you selected. It also tells you the numbers of records of each type that will be affected by the change.

Review Selections

Confirm Record Deletion

6. Clicking Finish will start the data cleanup process. This process may take some time, especially on large databases. Your database will be backed up before any changes are made. The backup file is created in your database folder, and shares the same name as your database, followed by a numeric date-time stamp, and the extension .ZIP. This backup is a standard zip-compatible backup of your database and can be restored with ACT! Restore or any other means to open and extract zip files.

7. If a large number of records have been affected, we recommend running the standard Database Maintenance, Compress and Reindex on your database when the process is complete.

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The ACT! Data Cleanup Wizard



1 Database

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