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The ACT! Database Deduplication Wizard

Sage SoftwareMerge duplicate contact records



Your ACT! Database has duplicate record entries for individual customers. You would like to merge the information from the duplicates to make a single contact record for each customer.


The ACT! Database DeDuplication Wizard will merge duplicate contact records. All notes, activities, sales and group membership information of duplicate contacts can be merged into a single unique contact. With the Deduplication utility, all Contact data can be merged on a field-by-field basis.

For example, if one of the duplicate contacts has a phone number, and the other a fax number, the resulting contact will have both a phone and a fax number. If both contacts have data in a field, the data from the most recently edited contact will remain.

How do I install the ACT! Database Deduplication Wizard?

You should have received a file called DbDeDuper install.exe. This file is a self-extracting installer. Simply double-click the DbDeDuper install.exe to start the installation. Read each screen carefully, and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

How do I use the ACT! Database Deduplication Wizard?

The ACT! Database Deduplication Wizard uses the duplicate matching criteria in ACT! to determine if records are duplicates. To check your database for duplicate records, open ACT! and choose Scan For Duplicates from the Tools menu. The contacts in the resulting lookup are duplicate records.

To change your duplicate matching criteria in ACT!, choose Define fields from the Edit menu, and select the Advanced tab. On the right side in the "Match Duplicates Using" section there are three field-selection boxes, allowing you to choose which fields you would like to match duplicates on. In each box, choose a field that you would like to scan, then click OK. For more information on Scanning for duplicate records and setting matching criteria, please see Chapter 20, "Performing Database Administration," in the User's Guide.

If your ACT! database has duplicate records that you want to merge, run the Deduplication Wizard:

1. From the Start menu, click Programs, point to ACT! Database Services, and choose DbDeDupe.exe.

2. Click Next.

3. Click Browse to select a database, then click Next.

4. Log in to the database (if required). You must have at least Standard Level security to run the DeDupe Wizard.

5. Review the screen to verify that the duplicate matching criteria are correct and the correct number of duplicates were found. Then click Next.

Duplicate Matching Criteria

6. Select which types of data you would like to merge to the resulting contact. Then click Next.


Merge Options

7. Select your group membership preference (Note that transferring group membership information may take some time). Then click Next.



8. Review the screen to verify your selections. Click Finish if they are correct, click Back to change them.
9. The database will be backed up and deduplicated. Click Exit to end the program.


Q: Who do I call to get help with the Database Deduplication Wizard?
A: We do not provide free support for this product. ACT! Technical Support does not support usage of this add-on. If you have problems or need assistance with the Deduper, fee-based support is available from ACT! Database Services. For more information on these consulting services, send an e-mail message to [email protected]

Q: I ran the Deduplication Wizard and some duplicate contacts were not merged. Why?
You probably have duplicate contacts that are marked as My Records. My Records cannot be deleted, and will therefore they will not be merged.

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The ACT! Database Deduplication Wizard 



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