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PRODUCT | ExportIT for ACT!

Easily export data from ACT! 2000 or 2004 with Unique IDs -- and allow subsequent linkage of individual records that belong together

You need to export data out of your ACT! database and the built-in ACT! Export does not satisfy your needs? ExportIT for ACT! is an efficient time saver that significantly improves upon ACT!'s built-in exporting utility. ExportIT is a hassle-free tool that allows you to export ALL data out of your current ACT! Database into a common *.csv file.


  • Export Contacts
  • Export Companies
  • Export Histories
  • Export Groups
  • Export Notes
  • Export Opportunities
  • Export Linked Documents
  • Export Appointments
  • Export Unique ID
  • Supports custom tables

Combine with our other Addons:

  • ServiceIT: Can be set up to run as a Windows Service
  • ImportIT: You will be able to import these data into ACT! again

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Adobe Acrobat Reader

System Requirements:

  • For smooth and fast operating we recommend at least 1.5 GB of RAM

Compatible with:

ACT! 2000 / v5

ACT! 2004 / v6

To see ExportIT for newer versions of ACT! click here

Available in English and German

Technical Support

IT Netzwerk


CONTACT US  1-800-806-5281
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