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Crystal Reports 8 Training CD

doug wolfLet us show you how to create great reports from your ACT! data using Crystal Reports!

Hi, I am Douglas Wolf, an ACT! Certified Consultant. I have written 4 books on ACT!, including How to Do Everything With ACT! and produced training products for ACT! for 9 years. All customers may for personal ACT! support.

Crystal Reports 8 CD-ROM Training

Works with Crystal Reports version 7-8. The first three lessons are described below. To see the entire course outline click here. $89.95

Lesson 1 Opening the Extreme database
This lesson shows you how to open the example database that ships with Crystal Reports. From that database, all the lessons are built. You do not have to have the extreme database to follow the lessons. We also show you how to use the Explorer to locate your own database.

Lesson 2 Inserting fields into a report
Inserting fields is where most beginners get stuck. Using the Extreme database, we show you how to find the correct tables and the fields in the tables and to make sure the are linked so that the field data appears in the report.

Lesson 3 Previewing a report
After you add fields to the report, you will want to take a look at the result. Previewing a report gives you a WYSIWIG view. Crystal Reports automatically stops at 500 records in the preview so you do not have 5 ga-zillion records.

More lessons ...


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Crystal Reports 8 Training CD




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