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Advanced Field Protection

ADVANCED FIELD PROTECTION is designed to give you control over which user may enter data in your ACT! fields. With Advanced Field Protection, you may give the following rights to the users:

  • full rights at all time
  • initialize rights only (ie. the user may enter a value when the field is blank but is not allowed to modify an existing value)
  • no rights at all (the user may never change or enter a value)

How can I selectively protect the fields?

Advanced FIeld Protection enhances the existing ACT! field protection feature. The first step is to protect your field(s) as you would normally do in ACT! (see the owner's manual for more on this). The problem with the protection offered by ACT! is that no user may edit the field at any time. With Advanced FIeld Protection, you may allow users to edit the field. You may define Global users settings which by default will be applied to all your protected fields.

Or you may define specific rights for each of your specific fields.

See how easy it is to setup your field for Advanced Field Protection.

Is it possible to define drop-down lists for these protected fields?

Yes. When ACT! protects a field, the drop-down list associated to this field becomes available since data entry is forbidden. With Advanced FIeld Protection, you may define a drop-down list and as with ACT! drop-down lists, you may make that list mandatory ("Only from drop-down") as well as allow editing or prevent editing.

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REGARDING ACT! 2005/2006


Advanced Field Protection has two versions, this one for ACT! versions 5 & 6, and one compatible with ACT! 2005 and newer.

  • Click here to see the ACT! 2005 and newer version of Advanced Field Protection


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Ver. 5/2000


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Ver. 7/2005*


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Ver. 9/2007*


Ver. 10/2008*


Ver. 11/2009*


*Advanced Field Protection has two versions, one compatible with ACT! 2005 and newer, and one that is compatible with ACT! versions 5 and 6. Click here to see the ACT! 2005 and newer version.


upgrade policy


If you bought Advanced Field Protection on or after July 1, 2004, the upgrade is free.

If you bought Advanced Field Protection between Feb 1, 2003 and July 1, 2004, you can purchase the upgrade for only $24.95.

If you bought Advanced Field Protection before Feb 1, 2003, there is no upgrade pricing available.

To see if you qualify for an upgrade please call toll free:




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Advanced Field Protection



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