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Account Number Wizard

Sage SoftwareAutomatically create ID numbers for contacts based on dropdown lists and values that appear in fields

The Account Number Wizard will generate unique numbers for your contacts based on data in their fields and the drop-down descriptions. It includes a run once utility that will allow you to setup the database and assign numbers to existing contacts. Also included is a utility that allows users to add new id's for new contacts that they create.

It is most convenient if you add this item to your ACT! toolbar. Once attached to the toolbar, you can click on it to give the current record an account number (using the settings that were created when you ran the Configuration wizard.

Select the Account Field

This configuration is database specific, and applies only to the database that is selected at the beginning of the configuration wizard. You can set up other databases with different settings if you desire.

If you have not run the Account Number Wizard before, you will be prompted to select a field where you would like the account number to appear. In order to work with this wizard, the field you select must have the following characteristics: it must already exist, be able to contain characters, and be at least nine characters long. If you ran the wizard for this database before, the wizard will automatically fill in this information with your previous selections.

Account Number Options

If a contact has data in the selected prefix field that matches a value in the drop-down list, the description from that drop-down list item is placed at the beginning of the account number. For example, if a contact has the word "Competitor" in the ID/Status field and "Comp" in the Description field, the Account Number program would enter "Comp" into its account number field. This is done for both prefixes.

Populate Options

After selecting your prefix(s) and the starting number, click Next. To populate the database with ID numbers as you have configured them, check the box labeled"Populate" and click Next. If you would like the wizard to overwrite the existing values in the Account Number field, you can check the box labeled"Overwrite Existing Data".

Warning: Checking "Overwrite Existing Data" will erase all of the data in the field that you selected as the account numbers field.


After the database has been set up with the Account Number Wizard, you can add new numbers with the run-time module, which is included. If you followed the default installation this file is located in: C:\Program Files\ACT! Database Services\Account Numbers\accountnum.exe.

Note: There is no free technical support available by phone for this product. ACT! Technical Support does not support usage of this add-on. If you have problems or need assistance with this tool, fee-based consulting is available from ACT! Database Services.

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