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View and Use Outlook or Outlook Express from within ACT!

ACTMail is an ACT! Add-On that embeds MS Outlook or Outlook Express inside an ACT! Tab.

Outlook Express:

ACTMail and Outlook Express


ACTMail and Outlook

  • Note that the message list can be optionally filtered to display only messages related to the current contact.
  • All Outlook Express folders are visible. 
  • When a message is sent, a Notes/History entry is automatically entered for the contact.
  • Email addresses can be quickly extracted from Outlook folders and used to create new ACT! contacts.

ACTMail not only embeds the Outlook user interface within ACT! but also links the two together providing a convenient means to truly integrate contact data with email. You can filter the Outlook message list to display only those items related to the current contact. You can also use Outlook to lookup ACT! contacts.

Use ACTMail to manage your Address and quickly transfer contact data between them. Whenever a message is sent, you can have an automatic entry made in the Contact's Notes/History. Additionally, a reminder can also automatically be posted to help you follow-up on the emails you send.

Outlook Express users can enjoy the same benefit from ACTMail with the familiar interface of the "Outlook Express Mode". All of the OE Folders are available along with a preview window that displays rich content mail messages.

ACTMail leverages the best technologies available to optimize the time you spend managing your contacts.

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