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PRODUCT | TopLine Designer

Topline Designer:
Your business, embedded in ACT!

Expand the functionality of ACT! with custom tables for tracking customer service, support, projects, manufacturing and more. TopLine Designer allows you to add custom tabs at the contact, company, group or opportunity level - quickly customizing ACT! with specific industry and management solutions. TopLine Designer includes templates for industries such as real estate, healthcare and financial management along with general management solutions such as contracts, equipment and event planning.

Ready, set, design!

TopLine Designer leverages the capabilities of custom tables in ACT! by creating new subentities for contacts, companies, groups or opportunities. TopLine Designer allows you to create and use the tables, organize your views, or search and report on any custom table available in your database.

TopLine Designer Extends ACT! Functionality

TopLine Designer Screenshots

Project Tracking Quotes Support Cases

Products Equipment Banking

Easy to navigate. Easy to use.

Feel right-at-home in this simple interface which reinforces common navigational features among screen layouts, tabs and lists and create on-the-fly queries and advanced look-ups.  Create quick reports and documents with robust Microsoft Office integration: export to Excel, mail merge to Word for multiple contacts, email multiple contacts via Outlook.

Wizard driven. Fast to build. Flexible to import.

Get started with your data using the advanced data import and data update wizard. Build custom features with TopLine Designer snippets and scripting editor. Create parent-child relationships among custom tables. Schedule and link ACT! activities and opportunities from the custom tables.

Business-friendly solutions.

TopLine Designer includes modules to address general business needs as well as database templates for specific industries.

Management solutions

Customer service

Industry solutions

Property management

For the ACT! Windows user:

  • View custom tables interactively as tabs or inline grids on the corresponding contact, company, group or opportunity.
  • Drill down on custom tables to access the detail view.
  • Create a contact, company or group lookup.
  • Click to sort or filter in the list view.
  • View related custom table fields side-by-side in the same view.
  • Create robust queries and apply date ranges.
  • Perform advanced calculations among fields and in the list view.
  • Create activities or histories based on custom-table fields.
  • Generate email notifications.
  • Modify field appearance (auto hide, change color) based on conditions.
  • Drag and drop fields to group and organize your custom lists.
  • Organize, sort or query your documents.
  • Export list views to MS Excel.
  • Merge any field, including custom-table fields, into MS Word to create documents.
  • Synchronize your customizations and data.
  • Integrate with TopLine Dash for enhanced reporting and graphical views.
  • Automate your Excel or PDF custom table reports using TopLine Alerts.

For the ACT! Web user:

  • View, edit or create table content interactively.
  • Drill down on custom tables to access the detail view.
  • Click to sort in the list view.

For the ACT! administrator:

  • Build relationships between contact, company, group and opportunity tables.
  • Build relationships between custom tables allowing for parent-child relationships.
  • Design screens with one or more embedded custom tables.
  • Create new fields and field calculations.
  • Use scripting to automate or prompt workflow tasks.
  • Use snippets and scripting to add new functionality easily in .NET.
  • Import/export the TopLine Designer customizations to another ACT! database.
  • Import data into your custom tables from any OLEDB-compatible data source; CSV files; Excel spreadsheets; or SQL, Oracle or MS Access databases.
  • Back up custom tables and customizations.
  • Compatible with ACT! synchronization.
  • Follows ACT! security model.

Designer Exclusives

  • ACT! for Web functionality
  • Advanced data import module
  • TopLine snippets for workflow automation
  • Advanced customer service and project management modules
  • Integration with TopLine Dash for advanced reporting
  • Advanced Microsoft Word integration and merging
  • Inline view of custom tables inside ACT! layout
  • Integrated with TopLine Alerts for automated custom-table imports (requires additional purchase)

TopLine Designer


Other products by TopLine Results Corp:

TopLine Alerts

TopLine Alerts is a notification program for ACT! Windows or web. Alerts monitors activities and opportunities in your ACT! database and sends customized email notifications. TopLine Alerts is designed to be installed on the server where ACT! resides, but will also work on an individual workstation. Only one license of TopLine Alerts is needed to alert every user in the master database. TopLine Alerts automates the report process, saving you time and administrative resources. FREE TRIAL

TopLine Dash

Topline Dash is a powerful, highly flexible and easy to use real-time reporting tool for ACT!. See combined data for all of the users in your database directly within the ACT! application on one screen. FREE TRIAL

TopLine Designer

TopLine Designer allows you to create custom tables when you need to track more than just basic field information in your database. Custom tabs can be added to the Company, Contact or Group to provide you with the ability to create highly customized industry-specific solutions. We include basic templates for you to use or modify. TopLine Designer is simple, flexible and powerful! FREE TRIAL


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$99 -- Designer


TopLine Designer Plus Bundle $199/user
Dash Manager + Designer

Server Suite Bundle $299
Designer + Alerts Pro +
Dash Manager

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Once again, thank you for your enthusiasm for your products. I tell everybody I talk to that you have created a market where none existed before. --Doug Wolf, ACT! Certified Consultant

System Requirements:

  • TopLine Designer requires ACT! 2008 version 10.0.2 or higher. ACT! 2009 is also supported. You must be an ACT! Administrator in order to make schema changes. Schema changes cannot be made on a remote database.

Compatible with:

  • ACT! 10 / 2008 SP3 and Newer

Technical Support
provided by TopLine Results Corp.


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