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PRODUCT | The Helpdesk...for ACT!

Cubix SoftwareThe Helpdesk...for ACT!

Few teams in the business suffer more from real-time urgency than the help desk. The need for effective, easy to use, “at a glance” software is paramount for the help desk technicians within the business.

The Helpdesk…for ACT! is designed to allow the help desk technicians manage and prioritise their workload with automatic alerts to remind them of up coming SLA targets. This allows you to provide a higher customer satisfaction by delivering service and better communication as per customer expectations.

The Helpdesk…for ACT! is designed to integrate with ACT!, allowing your support staff to manage the helpdesk within a familiar look and feel. As it is fully integrated then other areas of your business, such as sales staff and account managers, can easily get up to the minute information on key customers.


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Logging a call

Logging a call

All the information about a call is logged and added to through this screen. The layout allows information to be quickly gathered for contact details, the classification of the call, the SLA details as well as the ongoing notes on what has happened and been discussed. The standard questions that relate to the call can be viewed, as well as any Assets booked and the history of any major changes to the call such as changes to the status or technician allocated to.



The dashboard allows the management to look at various KPIs that allows for quick information based on the calls coming into the help desk. The management can then use the dashboard to spot trends, as well as identify repetitive calls from a particular company or one of the help desk staff becoming too overloaded with work. Increase your profit line by identifying free of charge support work against work that you can be charging for.

SLA with Auto Alerts

SLA and automatic alerts

All businesses rely heavily on their IT systems and any loss of these systems can be costly and damaging to any business. These businesses are now implementing SLAs to ensure a high standard of IT service whether they have an internal help desk team or it is external.

It is important that your help desk staff is helped in meeting these requirements by using a proactive system of SLA management.

Within The Helpdesk…for ACT! you can set up two different SLA monitoring times, the time to initially respond back to the customer and the time the call needs to be resolved. By setting up your working hours and holidays then the SLA monitoring times are calculated correctly,

For example
You take a call at 3pm and your initial reponse time is set for 1 hour and target completion is set for 4 hours. Based on your working hours set as 9am-5pm then the initial response time is calculated as 4pm and the target time as 11am the next working day.

To support your help desk staff, you can set up automatic escalations based on warning that an SLA time is close to being breached, through to constantly being informed after it has been breached, until it is closed. The different types of escalations can go to different people.

For example
Target date for call based on the SLA is 3pm. The SLA is configured to send
- Alert #1 - 30 minutes prior to the time being breached to the allocated help desk technician only
- Alert #2 - 10 minutes after the time being breached to the help desk technician, the help desk manager and the contact who the call is for
- Alert #3 – every 30 minutes until the call is closed to the help desk technician and the help desk manager

Asset Management

Asset Management

The Helpdesk…for ACT! allows you to store products and product related information, such as demo and loan equipment. This equipment can then be booked out to a call and this will stop another technician being able to loan it out until it is booked back in again. This allows you to keep track of where any asset is at any point.

Customer Specifi Alerts

Customer specific alerts

As well as the alerts for SLA management, a pop-up message can be added for a customer that is then displayed whenever a call is created or viewed for the customer.

These can be used by management to inform the help desk staff as follows: --The MD meeting Mr Customer next week to discuss new sales; give every call an urgent priority irrespective of the SLA..!
--Customer has not returned maintenance agreement; warn them that every call is given a low priority until this is received..!

Standard Questions

Standard questions

The Helpdesk…for ACT! allows you to create standard questions that you want your help desk staff to ask at the opening and closing of every call. This functionality is extended to also allow you to tailor standard questions to be prompted based on the categories assigned to the call.

User Defined Fields

User defined fields

Although a Help Desk within different businesses has a lot of common themes, there is always different information required to collect when creating a call. The Helpdesk…for ACT! allows you to set up user defined fields to capture either text, numeric or date driven information.

Reporting Services

Reporting Services

-- Use the built in reports.
-- Export data directly to Excel, PDF and other formats
-- Design your own using Excel, SQL Server Report Services



Setup new options that the user sees in any drop down list, configure how often the main call list refreshes, change the wording within the email templates. These are only a small fraction of the features you can customize using the Administration tool for the Helpdesk.


Cubix Software

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...Cubix Software are knowledgeable, very experienced and professional. I would recommend Cubix Software to anyone. --John Caveney, Operation Director, Sapphire Technologies

Development was on time and on budget... I would have no hesitation in working with Cubix Software again. --Paul Madden, Preline GroupIT Manager

Great company to work with...Would recommend Cubix Software to anyone. --Stuart Toomey, Owner, Delta2

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 & 8

Compatible with:

ACT! 12 / 2010 and Newer

Technical Support
provided by Cubix Software



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