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PRODUCT | Swiftpage

The number one integrated email marketing solution for ACT! is now so much more!

Swiftpage helps you deliver marketing messages directly from your ACT! database to the right contacts at the right time and updates your contact records accordingly.


You need to reach out to your customers, gain information from them and send them to the right place to receive the right information. Swiftpage offers an industry leading email marketing solution for ACT!, a survey tool to gather information and a landing page creation tool to help manage the digital relationship you have with your customers. Learn more >>


You need the control to deliver the correct contacts to your sales team members. Your sales team needs to know that those contacts are qualified enough for them to make a call. Swiftpage gives you the tools to centralize control and give your sales team a look into who is most interested. Learn more >>


Swiftpage Drip Marketing is designed to put your sales and marketing initiatives on cruise control. Create marketing plans and add contacts directly from your ACT! database to receive the right content at the right time. Learn more >>

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You need the tools to reach out to and stay in front of your customers. You need the tools to gather data to make more informed business decisions and give information to those that need more information. You need a place to direct contacts to learn more about what you do and you want to be able to do all of this simply and without having to leave the ACT! database. Swiftpage gives you the tools to do so. Swiftpage On Demand Marketing Services are included with any Swiftpage service level starting at $14.95 per month.

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From left to right:
1. Call List and Contact Summary in Marketing Results Tab
2. Call List and E-marketing History in Marketing Results Tab
3. Call List and E-marketing Tips in Marketing Results Tab
4. Call List and Rank and ACT Fields in Marketing Results Tab


Integrated Email Marketing

Swiftpage has a foundation in email marketing and provides a robust solution that allows you to CREATE beautiful HTML email templates with a simple online editor or import your own templates, SEND to your ACT!, contacts, groups, look ups and companies directly through Swiftpage’s powerful servers to one or thousands with a single click and TRACK who opened, clicked, bounced, suppressed and more -- Swiftpage writes all data recorded back into the ACT! database for your records and future planning.

CREATE -- Swiftpage gives you the tools to create beautiful HTML email templates with a simple online editor or allows you to import your own HTML templates. Swiftpage supplies each account with 75 + templates to use as a starting place for generating you messages.

SEND -- Send to one or thousands with a single click. Swiftpage sends your message to your recipients through its powerful servers delivering your message at lightning speed with no send limit restrictions.

TRACK -- Know who opened and clicked on your email messages. As Swiftpage’s servers deliver your message to your recipients, we are able to track the interaction with each message. Swiftpage provides detailed and graphical reports on who opened, clicked, bounced, suppressed, how many forwards and more…

INTEGRATED -- Not only will Swiftpage deliver your message to your contacts, but you will not have to import your list to Swiftpage’s system. Swiftpage brings email marketing to ACT!, offering integrated solutions for the most popular small to mid sized business database applications including SalesLogix, SageCRM and its stand alone version Swiftpage Connect.

CAN SPAM COMPLIANT -- Swiftpage ensures that you remain Can Spam compliant and we do our best to help your email hit inboxes and not junk filters.

Survey Tool

You need to gather valuable data from your customers to make better, more informed business decisions and you need to acquire new customer interest. Swiftpage’s survey tool allows you create simple surveys that gather any type of data you need. Survey results may be automatically loaded into your ACT! database to update or create new contact records.

Generate Leads -- Make your website visitors fill out a survey before you give them a whitepaper or give them access to an article. Gather the data that will help you follow up in the most relevant manner.

Gather valuable information from prospects and customers -- Wish you knew more about your current prospects and customers? Learning from contacts that are using your services is crucial to ensure your strategy is heading in the right direction.

Event Specific -- Create Swiftpage Surveys to capture who wants to attend a specific event.

Autoresponder -- Swiftpage Surveys can be attached to Swiftpage’s autoresponder triggering emails to be sent to the survey respondent based on their survey responses.

Swiftpage List Builder -- The Swiftpage List Builder is a simple survey that is placed on your website for visitors to fill out. Once the survey is completed and the user presses submit, the data is taken into ACT! and a new contact is created -- automatically! Swiftpage List Builder surveys may be used as an autoresponder -- adding the contact to your database and a Drip Marketing Campaign.

Swiftpage List Updater -- The Swiftpage List Updater is a simple survey that is sent out via a Swiftpage email blast. Once the survey is filled out, those contacts who filled out the survey are updated in ACT! with the information recorded in the List Updater survey. List Updater allows you to choose which fields are updated for each contact.

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Marketing Results Tab in ACT! FEATURE
Available in all versions of Swiftpage

Marketing Results by Swiftpage is a sales tool integrated into ACT! to help you know more about each one of your contacts. Knowing more about your contacts leads to deeper relationships garnering greater confidence, higher trust and ultimately more revenue. Marketing Results Features include:

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Advanced Editor Basic Editor Reports Survey

From left to right:
1. Swiftpage's Advanced Template Editor
2. Swiftpage's Legacy Editor
3. Swiftpage's Online Reports
4. Swiftpage's Survey Tool

Swiftpage Call List -- A ranked list of your most interested contacts based on their interaction with your email campaigns. View your Call List on a contact by contact basis in the Call List viewing window in the Marketing Results tab.

ACT! Contact Summary -- The Contact Summary display window is simply a dashboard style view of the most used ACT! contact tabs including: History, Notes, Activities and Opportunities.

Rank and Custom Fields -- ACT! does not have a personal ranking tool, so we built one. Rank your contacts and group them as categories based on their ranking. In addition display any four custom fields in this display window for easy access to important contact data.

Online Toolbox -- We figure you should have access to any sales tool you need to close your contacts a single click away. We’ve suggested a few we think will help and given you the ability to create your own links to the tools specific to your company and industry.

Swiftpage History -- View a summary of all the Swiftpage emails you've sent a specific contact, how many opens, clicks, bounces and what the email template looked like. Available on all service levels starting at $14.95 per month.

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As a sales manager you want control over the outbound message your leads, prospects and customers receive. As a sales team member you want to call qualified contacts and know as much about them before you make the call. Swiftpage’s sales force automation tools give you the insight and control you wish you always had -- without ever having to leave your ACT! database.

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Left: marketing Results Tab in ACT!
Right: Swiftpage Call List in Marketing Results Tab

Swiftpage Call List -- Send an email blast to a group of contacts -- As your recipients open and click on the email message Swiftpage creates a ranked list of the most interested contacts based on their interaction with the email blast. Swiftpage figures if Jane opens her email 5 times and clicks on three links, she is likely more interested than Joe who opened his email once and clicked on none.

  • Know who your most interested contacts are
  • Form groups out of your hot, warm and mild contacts for more focused, future emailing
  • Gain confidence that you are calling only those qualified contacts in your database
  • Managers - assign Call Lists among your sales team members
  • Ultimately make more revenue as you are calling only those contacts that you know are interested!

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Left: Personal Merge Fields for distribution
Right: Send as in ACT!

The Swiftpage Call List can be viewed on a per contact basis with the Marketing Results Tab in ACT!. As each contact in the Call List is displayed individually, you can leverage the data ACT! provides paired with the data the Snapshot tab contains to close more business. Once you have made your call, simply select the next contact in the call list and the ACT! data for that contact will be displayed. Create ACT! groups and look-ups from your Call List data for further targeted follow up messaging.

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Left: Send as in ACT!
Right: Send as in Drip Marketing

Send As -- Many studies show an email delivered from a personal, trusted, recognized email address garners stronger results than that of a general email address. Send as allows one person to send on behalf of all Swiftpage users with a single click. Choose which users the email is sent from or simply select the email to be sent from the “Record Manager” of each contact in your email list -- Swiftpage will intelligently send the email from the correct record manager to their correct contacts as if that sales team member sent the email themselves.

Marketing Results -- Marketing Results is a new tab in ACT! that gives a sales team member the tools to know who to call and what to talk about once they have their contact on the phone. Learn more>>

Content Distribution -- We understand not everyone in your organization is a creative force so we’ve developed a way for one email template to be published into multiple Swiftpage user’s accounts with the correct personal information merged -- with a single click. Have your marketing department create the content for your sales team one time and distribute the templates into each sales team members account so they all share the same template -- but is personalized with their information.

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Drip Marketing Certified Consultant. Silver
If you need help with Drip Marketing, we are Certified experts and can help. Call 800 806-5288

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  • Download and install the Free Trial*. After installation is complete, a cloud icon will appear in your ACT! toolbar. Click the cloud icon and follow the instructions to begin your trial of Swiftpage for ACT!.
  • Compare Swiftpage with Constant Contact and vertical Response -- View PDF

*You can send up to 50 emails a day during the free trial period and up to 3 drip campaigns per month for up to 50 emails per campaign.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows® 98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating system
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, AOL 8.0 or higher, Netscape 7.2 or higher, Firefox 1.0 or higher
  • ACT! 5.x, ACT! 6.X, ACT! 2005, ACT! 2005 Premium, ACT! 7 or higher
  • Internet connection 28KB or higher

ACT! Compatabilities:

Swiftpage Basic & Entry:
ACT! 5
ACT! 6
ACT! 7 / 2005
ACT! 8 / 2006
ACT! 9 / 2007
ACT! 10 / 2008
ACT! 11 / 2009
ACT! 12 / 2010
ACT! 13 / 2011
ACT! 14 / 2012
ACT! 15 / 2013
Act! 16


Swiftpage Pro & Team:
ACT! 7 / 2005
ACT! 8 / 2006
ACT! 9 / 2007
ACT! 10 / 2008
ACT! 11 / 2009
ACT! 12 / 2010
ACT! 13 / 2011
ACT! 14 / 2012

Technical Support
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