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Swiftpage Drip Marketing is designed to put your sales and marketing initiatives on cruise control. Build and deliver multi-step marketing plans that intelligently and automatically reach out to your leads, prospects and customers contained in your ACT! database.

  • Automatic Marketing Content Delivery -- Create campaigns that deliver multiple emails over time. Build your campaign now and let it run with no worry that your emails will be delivered.
  • Conditional Actions and Branching -- If your recipients opened an email, automatically send them a different template than those that did not open. Move recipients between campaigns based on their interaction with your messages.
  • Database Integration -- Add recipients to drip marketing campaigns directly from your ACT! database. Swiftpage Drip Marketing will also look at a specific database field and deliver marketing content based on the field results.

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Platinum Level

You have sound business processes in place and a dynamic and diverse group of leads, prospects and customers. Swiftpage Drip Marketing Platinum gives you the automated tools to pause campaigns that have budget constraints and gives you the flexibility to move contacts fluidly between campaign sequences as their interactions or database status change. Available for $149.95 per month in addition to your Swiftpage Email Marketing service level.

Includes all Swiftpage Drip Marketing Gold Features PLUS:

Drip Marketing Campaign Transfer -- Your leads, prospects and customers are dynamic, as they change, so should the messaging you send them. Set up multiple campaign sequences that hold specific content for specific groups of contacts. As your contact’s status changes, move them in between campaign sequences automatically

Drip Marketing Campaign Suspend -- There are certain times when you do not want to send a message to a group of contacts due to internal issues or budget approvals. Add a suspend stage anywhere within your Drip Marketing campaign sequence that holds up all stages after it until the suspension is removed, making sure messages aren’t delivered that shouldn’t be delivered.

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Gold Level

You’re looking for more than a simple email blast and Call List scheduling tool -- you want the results of your blasts to drive what happens next -- you want automated marketing intelligence. In addition to introducing additional marketing mediums, Swiftpage Drip Marketing Gold has built in logic that lets you control what message your recipients receive based on their interaction with previous campaign stages or database fields. Available for $99.95 per month in addition to your Swiftpage Email Marketing service level.

Includes all Swiftpage Drip Marketing Silver Features PLUS:

Database Sync Capability -- Drip Marketing Gold syncs with Swiftpage for ACT!, allowing you to always have the proper contacts in the correct campaign sequence. As your database is updated, so are the actions within the Drip Marketing program – In sync means in control.

Drip Marketing Campaign Intelligence -- Your email recipients are bound to respond differently to emails, so treat ones that opened and clicked differently than ones that just opened the email. As Drip Marketing Gold sync’s with your database, send different marketing messages to contacts that have different field values – automatically of course.

Multiple Marketing Mediums -- While email is a powerful marketing method, we understand a multi-touch approach often garners strong results. Include postcard, letter, fax and call center stages into your Drip Marketing campaign sequence to achieve greater results.

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Silver Level

We know you don’t have the time to send individual email blasts. Swiftpage Silver is for the company that wants to automatically send a few email blasts and create a call list based on the results. Simple, no bells and whistles, just set up a Drip Marketing Campaign Sequence, drop in your contacts and don’t worry about getting the next email out, we’ll do it for you -- automatically. Available for $29.95 per month in addition to your Swiftpage Email Marketing service level.

Multiple email blast scheduling -- Create a campaign sequence with as many email blast stages as you like, choose your templates, add your contacts and launch your campaign. The email templates will be automatically delivered to your contacts based on the rules you’ve created.

Automatic Swiftpage Call List creation -- At any point in the campaign, you may have a Swiftpage Call List automatically created and sent to your sales team from any previous email stage.

Autoresponder -- Automatically add people to your Drip Marketing campaign sequences. When someone fills out a form on your website and hits submit, they can be automatically placed in a Drip Marketing campaign sequence. They will begin receiving email templates based on the rules you’ve created.

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Available for Swiftpage Service Levels Team, Pro, and Basic only. This charge is in addition to the Service Level fee.

Platinum: $149.95/month
Gold: $99.95/month
Silver: $29.95/month

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