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PRODUCT | Scan2CRM for Act!

Scan2CRM for Act! Scan business cards directly into Act!

Bundled with ScanShell 800NR Business Card Reader or the ScanShell 2000NR Business Card Reader

Scan2CRM for ACT!Scan2CRM for Act! is an add-on scanning system that integrates seamlessly with Act! applications. It reads business cards and automatically inputs both their textual data and image into a new contact record in your Act! application.

Within seconds of placing a card into the scanner, Scan2CRM for Act! automatically opens and auto-populates the text fields of a new contact record (name, title, phone number, etc.) together with an image of the card.

Scan2CRM for Act! features:

  • Fully integrated into Act! - Scan business cards directly into Act!
  • No need to install any 3rd party software
  • No need to learn any new software
  • Capture both data and image
  • Just a few seconds per scan
  • No external power needed
  • No more syncing or exporting
  • Auto detect function - just place the card in the scanner
  • Small footprint - Fully mobile

Scan business cards with Scan2CRM for Act! that works directly with Act! and does not require cards to be scanned into a 3rd party application before the information can be imported into Act! software.

Scan Business Cards to Act! with our excellent solution for:

  • Exhibitors at trade shows and exhibitions booths. Exhibitors can scan immediately the business cards that they receive from the attendees, creating a contact list which makes it easier to handle the leads and do the follow up.
  • At offices of Consultants, SPAs, Freelancers an many more small businesses that use Act! as their CRM.
  • Sales persons who are traveling with their Laptops can easily use our portable business card scanner.
  • The perfect addition to a Paperless Office -- Scan and get rid of the business cards pile on your desk.

Also available: ScanShell 2000NR

The Scan2CRM for Act! software comes with a choice of one of the following two scanners; The ScanShell 800NR and the ScanShell 2000NR. Both scanners are twain compatible, color capable, with a resolution of 600 dpi. The scanners connect to the computer's USB port, thus requiring no external power supply. The major difference between the ScanShell 800NR and ScanShell 2000NR is the size. The ScanShell 2000NR is a larger device so it in addition to the business cards it will be able to scan documents as well. Note: The information from the documents will not be extracted but a copy can be saved. The information from the business cards is extracted.

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$279 -- 1 User
$1039 -- 5 User
$1989 -- 10 User

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System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Win7

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Compatible with:

Act! 9 / 2007 and Newer

Technical Support
provided by Card Scanning Solutions



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