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PRODUCT | RemarkableMail™ by RemarkableSelling

Automatically send actual postcards from within ACT! without leaving your desk, stuffing an envelope, or licking a stamp.

RemarkableMailWe print it.
We mail it.

Your mail gets noticed and your message gets read. Our high quality, laminated postcards create a great first impression that sets you apart from your competition. Request a sample postcard to see for yourself.


No more addressing labels, stuffing envelopes or licking stamps. Your time is free to do more important activities.

Create more effective messages personalized with your custom copy. Use your own image or one from our gallery of over one million images.

You can send postcards literally anytime of the day or night.

Real, tangible postcards! We print them! We mail them!

RemarkableMailRemarkableMail for ACT!
What can it do for you?

Empowers you to customize and personalize your postcards with ease.

  • Choose from a library of over one million images or import your own image
  • Enter and customize your own text using our text tool
  • Personalize the message by incorporating fields from your ACT! database using our MessageMerge feature

Postcards are printed and mailed first class the next business day -- guaranteed

  • Printed on high-quality card stock with four color printing on both sides using state-of-the-art presses
  • The front and back of each card are laminated with a UV glossy coating which protects the card while providing a substantial look and feel
  • Post card is printed and mailed first class via US Postal Service the next business day -- guaranteed!

With RemarkableMail you never have to leave ACT!®. It’s so remarkably easy to use.

  • Select the desired recipient(s) by either navigating to the contact, performing a look up, or choosing a group
  • Start RemarkableMail by selecting our Send Postcard icon on the ACT! tool bar or choosing Send Postcard from the ACT! Write menu
  • RemarkableMail gives you the option of sending to your current ACT! contact, look up, or from a selected group
  • Choose to send to the recipient's business or home address
  • Contacts with invalid addresses and related information are saved to an ACT! group for subsequent clean up (optional)
  • Follow easy, step-by-step process in constructing your custom postcard
  • Select option to attach a pdf proof of the postcard to each contact’s history record


The license fee for RemarkableMail for ACT!® add-on is $49.95 per user. A single license of RemarkableMail may be installed on more than one machine as long as the user is the primary user of those machines. Once a license is purchased, there will be no charge for future software revisions.



4.25 x 6"

5.5 x 8.5"

5.5 x 11.5"

1-9 $1.25 $1.55 $1.80
10-24 $1.15 $1.49 $1.70
25-49 $1.06 $1.36 $1.61
50-99 $0.98 $1.28 $1.53
100-249 $0.91 $1.21 $1.46
250-499 $0.85 $1.15 $1.40
500-999 $0.80 $1.10 $1.35
1,000-2,499 $0.75 $1.05 $1.30
2,500-4,999 $0.70 $1.00 $1.25
5,000-9,999 $0.66 $0.96 $1.21
10,000-19,999 $0.62 $0.92 $1.17
20,000-29,999 $0.58 $0.88 $1.13
30,000-39,999 $0.55 $0.85 $1.10
40,000-49,999 $0.52 $0.82 $1.07
50,000 plus $0.49 $0.79 $1.04

When you purchase RemarkableMail postcards, you're actually purchasing credits, allowing you to use any amount of postcards from your account, in any combination, at any time, for up to two years!

Take advantage of our quantity pricing discounts by purchasing credits in advance and using them at your convenience! Send one today, 10 tomorrow, 1,000 next month, whatever works for you. And, pricing includes the highest-quality printing and First-Class postage.


Basic support is provided at no charge.



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$49.95 -- 1 User

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  • Tutorial
    Send yourself a sample RemarkableMail postcard today absolutely free! You can see for yourself the high-quality level of printing and postage that RemarkableMail delivers. Fill out your contact information, and we will send you a personalized postcard the next business day -- guaranteed!

Did you know, the best salespeople in the world contact their clients at least once a month via mail -- and you can too, with RemarkableMail!

System Requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 with Updates SP1; Q867801 or higher; Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher
  • Minimum of 30 MB of available hard disk space
  • Microsoft Windows ME/XP/2000/Vista/Win7

Compatible with:

ACT! v5 (2000)
ACT! v6
ACT! 2005 (Standard/Premium)
ACT! 2006 (Standard/Premium)
ACT! for Real Estate 2006/2008
ACT! 2007 (Standard/Premium)
ACT! for Financial Professionals
ACT! 2008 (Standard/Premium)
ACT! 2009 (Standard/Premium)
ACT! 2010
ACT! 2011
ACT! 2012
ACT! 2013

Also works with:


Technical Support
provided by RemarkableSelling

RemarkableMail comes with FREE basic technical support from the software publisher.

Comes with FREE technical support



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