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OAK!Merge!Field-by-Field merge
of data into ACT!

  • Update any of ACT!'s "updateable" Contact, Group, Company, History or Notes, Opportunities, and Activity Fields from input file. Match on one or more fields.
  • BASIC and Standard version support TEXT/ASCII input files. May be comma-separated values ("CSV" from Excel, etc.) OR tab-delimited.
  • Advanced and Pro versions accept ACCESS MDB or EXCEL XLS including links to external ODBC data
  • Updates ONLY the ACT! fields you specify. All other ACT! data remains unchanged
  • Adds Contacts to static groups
  • Provides "mapping" to define which field(s) to update and which field to match on; maps can be saved & reused later
  • Allows saving Source files and Target files as profiles
  • Set preferences to control whether or not ACT! data is updated when a match occurs and whether or not to add a new ACT! Contact or Group record when no match occurs
  • Log file documents the merge specifications and which records were changed or added.
  • Use the simple OAK!Merge! Wizard to set up and test the merge specifications
  • Unlimited uses: Conversions, updates, mass deletes, and clean up databases. Update sales info in ACT! with mainframe data matching on customer number, Update sales territory matching on zip code, import trade show or web leads or update lead status from Remote Reps

OAK!Merge features Roadmap for Versions:

There are 4 versions of OAK!Merge. Basic, Standard, Advanced and Pro. You can purchase at any level and upgrade to any level. See the Feature Roadmap for details.

  • Basic version includes merges to Contacts, Companies, $149
  • Standard version merges to notes and history, and adding contacts to static Groups: $299
  • Advanced Version includes unattended batch mode; import activity, product, and opportunity tables, and other source files: ACCESS, EXCEL: $399
  • Pro version includes ACT! custom tables and ACT! to ACT! merges. $499

OAK!Merge! supports an unlimited number of ACT! 10 and newer databases.

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OAK!Merge! Enterprise
Converting from SalesForce to ACT! just got a lot easier. The OAK!Merge SalesForce data migration kit includes all the SalesForce users, accounts, contacts, leads, tasks, activity history, opportunities, and attachments. All this in a load and go, one click utility: OAK!Merge Enterprise.



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$149.00 -- Basic
$299.00 -- Standard
$399.00 -- Advanced
$499.00 -- Pro

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System Requirements:

  • ACT! installed on the same PC, network workstation or network server Network access to the location of the ACT! database , with login ID/ password Sufficient hard disk space to store logs and exported files

Compatible with:

ACT! 9 / 2007 and Newer

Technical Support
provided by E Tech Systems Inc.



CONTACT US  1-800-806-5281
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