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PRODUCT | Northwoods Automation Bundle

Northwoods Automation Bundle
Implement completely automated marketing

Sales Automation BundleThe Northwoods Automation Bundle is what you need if you want to implement powerful marketing automation, "drip marketing", sales automation, or workflow in conjunction with your ACT! database.

The Northwoods Automation Bundle is the perfect solution for you if:

  • You are receiving lots of contact data from people filing-in webforms and you want all that data to be automatically entered in your ACT! database.
  • You want to respond more rapidly to new prospects and customers, and do more thorough and consistent follow up. Or, you are looking for an automated standard process to guide your sales and marketing efforts.
  • You want your staff be more productive and follow up with activities such as phone calls, meetings, or to-do's, or you want to generate outgoing correspondence like email, letters, or faxes automatically rather than manually.

A Powerful Combination of Products

The Northwoods Automation Bundle is a discounted combination of our three powerful automation add-ons for ACT!. To see how these components work together to give you completely automated sales and marketing click here.

  • Web Prospect-- automates adding contact's web form data into ACT!
  • Sales Automation Manager-- automates correspondence, activities, and decision making; create powerful automated processes. 
  • Mail Merge-- automates high volume email sending, letters and faxes; merge engine for SAM.

If purchased separately the above would total $732. At $495, that is a savings of $237!

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Other products by Northwoods Software Corporation:

Mail Merge

Helps you create HTML templates and send them quickly to as many ACT! contacts as you need to. Don't struggle with limited Merge tools. FREE TRIAL

Northwoods Automation Bundle

Northwoods Automation Bundle -- essential automation for all of you busy salespeople and sales administrators. This bundle features three of Northwoods' outstanding products that work together beautifully. Automate: adding contacts to ACT! from web forms, high volume email merging and sending and your correspondence, activities and decision-making. Save over $100. FREE TRIAL

Sales Automation Manager

Perfect Followup... made easy! Sales Automation Manager (SAM) adds to ACT! the power to automatically schedule activities and generate correspondence according to patterns (called "campaigns") that you define. FREE TRIAL

Web Prospect

Enter contact information received from your Web site directly into ACT! without re-typing. Define which Web fields correspond to which ACT! fields. Web Prospect can be set up to enter related data from the Web into ACT! Notes -- for example, products the customer is interested in, or where they saw your ad. Reads input from File, Clipboard or directly from Outlook folder. Creates new contact, or merges if Name and Company match. Supports FrontPage "Send to" Form data. Map any Web field to any ACT! field or Notes/History. Auto-schedule followup activities. Works with Outlook 98 or 2000. FREE TRIAL


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$495 -- 1 User
If purchased separately the 3 products would total $732. At $495, the bundle price is a savings of $237!

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System Requirements:

  • ACT! 7 up to v16
  • Word 2000 or Word 2003 (for letters and faxes)
  • Microsoft FAX (for faxing)
  • An SMTP internet mailbox (for emailing)
  • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP

Compatible with:

ACT! 11 / 2009 and Newer

Technical Support
provided by Northwoods Software Corporation

Northwoods Software Corporation



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