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PRODUCT | Net Prospector Professional

Net Prospector ProfessionalNet Prospector
The only program to capture sales leads and their contact info directly from the web

Net Prospector Professional provides low cost qualified leads in unlimited quantities from the Internet.

NEW! Monthly Subscription produces 500 leads per month (additional leads can be purchased as needed).

One step operation finds:

  • Street addresses
  • Zip codes
  • States
  • Phone numbers
  • Web site
  • Title
  • Email Addresses

  • Imports to Excel
  • Imports to Microsoft Outlook
  • Works with AddressGrabber

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One step operation, enter your keywords and press 'Search' Search runs till desired leads found Status report shows what has been found during search Automatically exports to Excel when done.

Exports to Outlook contacts folder. New options: Save Searches, more detail in excel, clear old searches, continue searches. Handy viewer reviews web sites of leads as they are found (switchable). Review list of leads as search runs.

Complete address column in Excel Export works with Address Grabber (use 'more details' when exporting).

Using Net Prospector Professional to find leads for your business is a cinch. No more subscribing to the big list companies to get leads and pay for each one of them dearly. This program finds them from web resources, on any subject, immediately. (In our test, it found 17 businesses, and exported to Excel in 2 min. 20 sec. start to finish.) If you don't have Excel, it exports to a web page report. Demo version does 10 searches producing 15 businesses per search. After that, if you like it, you can unlock its full potential with an unlock code.

I first became introduced to Net Prospector/ Baxtsoft in 2003 and it was the first time I had spent over $300 for a single software program; needless to say I was quite apprehensive about spending that kind of money with someone online that I didn't know, I had a very good feeling after talking with one of their marketing representatives.

Since 2003, I have purchased new upgrades and the products CONSISTENTLY do what they are advertised to do. Because I have been a customer so long, I have become somewhat of a Legacy Customer, and as such WSS has come to me for input for what I would like to see in new and/or updated products. If you are looking for a top-grade lead extractor that will do more than you expected, I cannot recommend NET PROSPECTOR highly enough! You can trust the tech support and marketing departments and they will respond to your requests in a very timely manner. I have always bought Net Prospector as soon as it is offered to me so that I can have it and be using the product before my competitors even know about the product! --Cliff Wall, Jr., January, 2012, Internet Marketer Since 11-01-98

I am writing this email to thank baxtsoft.com for the following reasons. I bought netprospector software from baxtsoft.com to promote my business on the net. Surprisingly, I found out that this software works really great. When I sent emails to these clients, so far I have landed a major contract with a company in New York and on my way to other major clients in the industry.

The second good thing came out of this, that a major apparel company in USA has also approached me and are interested in my products and services as I am in textile business. Than someone forwarded my email to another major textile buyer in the industry as well where we are on the way of getting our first purchase order from them.

All in all what I am trying to say and thank Baxtsoft of their software to open doors for me and for my business.

I have to say one more thing , that I am in no way associated with Baxtsoft company and I am writing this to thank Baxtsoft for their remarkable software and it works like a champ.

I could be contacted at any time if anyone likes to verify my facts. --Mike Khan, MK Traders, 10568 Magnolia Avenue #110, Anaheim, Ca. 92804

A successful campaign

I wanted to touch base and offer our company as a reference for your product, Net Prospector. We saw your product as a cost effective solution to present our products to potential customers. Bottom line is that your Net Prospector works. It not only brings in qualified leads, it saves money. It is cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising.

It saves on the cost associated with human resources. I wish I had tracked the amount of time (and $$$$$) that has been spent on training account managers. One in eight that we hire will be worth anything and the turn over rate has been significant. Now we don't need as large of a sales force and the costs of training new personnel is dramatically reduced.

In addition, the morale of the account managers has skyrocketed due to the influx of leads from Net Prospector. The Net Prospector has dramatically reduced the sales cycle (time spent cold calling) and our account managers are able to focus on qualified leads.

Without sales, we like any organization, are dead in the water. As a business owner, I am acutely aware of the need to support the sales force. I wish I had this tool when the company was formed. If you need a reference, please feel free to use International Exhibits Inc. --James E. Vaughn

There are a few times when one encounters a service that is brilliant. You have delivered one of those rare encounters. Bravo! You have brought communications to a new level. The efficiency of telling our company's story with "Net Prospector " can take us over the top. --Steven Adler, Director, Business Development and Community Affairs, Global Investment Recovery Services, Inc., South Dakota Avenue, Tampa, Fl 33606

Congratulations on such an excellent piece of software. I am a Profitable Internet Marketing Consultant and constantly advise my clients to manually look for specific contacts. I lecture all over the UK to thousands of people. This program is awesome! --David Frieslander, www.profitableinternetmarketing.com

Your program, Net Prospector is awesome. Years ahead, it will serve me for a long time. Tech support is personal and patient. I am delighted that you created this powerful tool to help me find the business contacts I need on the Internet. --Steve Alan, Mortgage Broker, San Diego, Calif.

Net Prospector is pure genius. A world-class application. Words can't express how pleased I am with it. I'd recommend it to anyone - except my competitors. --Peter Mitchell,Reading,PA.

The Prospector is great marketing software. It is providing us with leads and potential customers we otherwise would not have or would have to spend many hundred hours and a lot of money to find them. With Net Prospector we are able to do this in-house and save besides keeping control of our direction. --Pramod Baweja, Export Manager, www.waterventures.com

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your new product "Net Prospector". As soon as I installed the program it was obvious that no instruction manual was necessary. Everything was self explanatory. In the few months that I've been using the software it has more than paid for itself in business leads and contacts. What I like best about it is each search can be as focused as I want. It allows me to create a database for whatever purpose I need.

I hope to see more fine products of this caliber from Baxtsoft in the future. Please keep me informed of what is coming up next from your company. --Pete Messbauer, Global Marketing Partners

There are a number of webot and spiders that will do the job you want, because the job you want is so general in nature I could not build you one as cheap as you could buy one of these pre-made bots. I can however tell you were you can get a very good bot for a great price. The best webot I have found for this type of work is produced by Baxtsoft and is called Net Prospector. The price is great for all the work it does. --Al Fink http://exp.com/a?lid=7095

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$299.95 -- 1 User
$25/monthly subscription
$25/Additional Leads

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System Requirements:

  • Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, and related platforms.
    100 mb disk, 1G memory

Compatible with:

Does not require ACT!. The program exports to Excel, then you can import from Excel to any version of ACT!.

Technical Support
provided by Baxsoft




CONTACT US  1-800-806-5281
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