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PRODUCT | MondoLessons for Act!

Mark MondoAct! Online Training
Master Act! at your own pace

MondoMedia, a longtime Act! training company, is bringing those years of experience to Act! Online Training. Now you and your staff can learn what you need to, when you need to. Mark Mondo has been an Act! Certified Consultant for better part of the last 2 decades. He has literally trained hundreds of companies how to use Act!. That experience has shown Mark what you need to know most, what you forget most often, and how to provide lessons that stick. Providing you the Act! Information you need -- when you need it.

Along with great content, Act! Online Training is convenient. With just a few mouse clicks you can navigate directly to what you are looking for. You can stop and start wherever and whenever you want. Each lesson has a handy index on the left so you can jump to the information you need.

With Act! Online Training, you'll learn to:

  • Enter & Delete Contacts, Notes, History, Groups, Companies & Opportunities
  • Use Lookups and Advanced Query tools to find the correct Contacts
  • Navigate The Workspace
  • Create Groups based on Contact or Opportunity criteria
  • Integrate with Outlook and Word
  • Use the Contact & Opportunity List to Create Reports
  • Use the Reports and Dashboards
  • Ensure Backups Are Managed Properly
  • And much, much more ...

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There are 20 chapters, totaling 5 hours. Each chapter let's you jump between topics without waiting... no need to flip through pages or fastforward though videos.

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Act! Online Training is perfect for teaching Act! to new users and helping experienced users refresh their knowledge. From basics to advanced topics, you'll find everything you need.

Did you know that most Act! users use less than 20% of the programs capabilities? Learning the inside secrets of how to get the most of out of Act! gives you the tools you need to run your business more efficiently -- helping you to close more sales! And at less than $10 a month, you can get the information you or your staff needs at a fraction of other training options.

So whether you're training first time Act! users or picking up a refresher course for veterans, Act! Online Training will pay for itself the first time you use it. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

It's the way software training should be.

Hear what some of our users have to say:

I have learned so much from your training. Thank you for your excellent work - Karen Swanson, KTS Publishing

Wow Mark, I never knew there was so much about Act! I didn't know! Your Online Training has really upped my game. Rebecca Ellis, Franklin Mortgage

Thank you for the lessons and support. You truly know your stuff. I will definitely recommend you to any of my colleges needing Act! Training. John Dunn, Ampolz Industries

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$9.95/month per User
$99.95/year per User

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Sample Videos

All Apply to Act! 2010+

  • Basing Groups on Opportunities
  • Recording history to many contacts


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System Requirements:

  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Internet Explorer 8.0+ or Safari or Firefox Web Browser
  • Speakers

Compatible with:

Act! 12 / 2010 and Newer

Technical Support
provided by Mondo Media, Inc.

You are amazing. Your lessons get a five-star rating, you're an expert at this. Just started viewing the lessons, you spoiled me already. The site map, support page, lessons are easy to view and understand yet powerful. I can see you've taken great pains with this. When I email you with questions, your response time has been extremely prompt and your answers easy to understand. I will be back for additional lessons with other products.

Thank You,
Helga Leah (Curry) Tomaino


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