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Learn valuable Act! Tips and Get more Done...

with these proven, productive, 30 minute webinars... for as little as $10 per person! Sign up now and get a Custom Act! Database FREE! A $199 value.

Webinar topics:

  • Using Act! To Get More Done
  • Use Act! To Manage your Time
  • 9 Vital functions of Act!

For only $39 for one or $99 for all three, up to 4 members of your team can attend from anywhere with Internet access! Additional attendees are only $10 each*. These webinars are guaranteed to give you valuable insights on using Act! in YOUR business -- or your money back!
*$10 seats are in observe mode only, regular attendees can ask questions and interact with the instructor.

Webinars are held every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 10:00, 11:00 & 12:00 EST.

Sign up for any or all before the end of September and get a FREE Custom Act! Database (for Small Business or Financial Services) a $199 value. Custom Database Includes:

  • Over 700 Data Fields, Pull Down Menus, & Layouts
  • Built-In Marketing & Sales Reports
  • Automatic Group Membership Designs
  • Email, Letter, Envelope, & Label Templates
  • Totally  Customizable

In Using Act! To Get More Done, you'll see why we say Act! is The Ultimate Personal Planner. It's perfect for implementing a “Million Dollar Business Strategy” which will help you increases your productivity AND relieve stress. You'll learn how to create Daily Action Plans, and clear the clutter from your mind. Charles Schwab, former president of Bethlehem Steel, said this was “the most valuable business lesson he ever learned”.

With Use Act! to Manage Your Time, we'll show you how Act! Is The Perfect Key for Overcomiing Obstacles for Effective Time Management.  Use Act! To manage Interruptions, Delegation, Procrastination, Overloads, and  the “Tyranny of the Urgent”. We'll reinforce the “Daily Action Plan Habit”, so that it becomes 2nd nature. You'll  broaden Your Time Management Skills with Multi-Step Projects and Long Range Goals, helping you to achieve a balance with your Family, Career, and Social Objectives. 

The 9 Vital Functions goes over how Act! can organize Virtually Every Conceivable Office Activity.

  • Instantly Find Important People, Companies, Groups or Documents
  • Keep Track of Your Conversations & Remind You of Promises or Commitments.  
  • Synchronize with Outlook for Sending & Receiving e-Mails.
  • Merge Your Data with Templates for E-mails, Letters, Envelopes, and Labels. 
  • The Perfect Time Management System for You and Your Team.
  • Generate Sales & Management Reports.
  • Serve as the Implementation Tool for Achieving Marketing Strategies.
  • Customized to Fit Your Specific Business or Occupation.
  • Interface with other top business applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and popular Act! AddOns like Topline Designer & Dash, QSalesData, CallOnCRM, and Swiftpage.

Want to experience a webinar before deciding? Attend the Free Clear the Clutter webinar any Tuesday or Thursday at 9:00 or 4:00 EST.

In this popular FREE Clear the Clutter webinar, we'll show you how clutter kills productivity.  It silently creates a negative attitude, and makes it virtually impossible to be pro-active. Clutter causes unnecessary stress -- it's self-inflicted and painful. Clutter can stifle your ability to prioritize activities and can derail the most essential principles of time management.  Having a cluttered environment is the mental equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot. We'll show you how to avoid it!

And Coming soon, new webinars on:

  • Relationship Based Marketing 
  • Learning to Customize Act!

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$39 -- One Webinar / 1-4 Users
$99 -- 3 Webinars / 1-4 Users

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  • Want to experience a webinar before deciding? Attend the Free Clear the Clutter webinar any Tuesday or Thursday at 9:00 or 4:00 EST.

Compatible with:

Act! 4

Act! 5
Act! 6
Act! 7 / 2005
Act! 8 / 2006

Act! 9 / 2007

Act! 10 / 2008

Act! 11 / 2009

Act! 12 / 2010

Act! 13 / 2011

Act! 14 / 2012

ACT! 15 / 2013

Act! v16

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