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PRODUCT | High Impact eMail

High Impact eMail ProfessionalHigh Impact eMail Platinum

Create and send stunning emails quickly & easily. Email marketing that gets your message across.

Create great-looking emails with thousands of pre-designed HTML emailmarketing templates that you customize with your company logo, colors, photos & more. Send email newsletters, ads, announcements, invitations, greetings & more that convey a professional image. Impress customers & prospects and gain their trust with brilliantly designed, personalized emails.

  • Save time by starting with a predesigned HTML email marketing template.
  • Look more professional & trustworthy by starting with an agency-quality email marketing template.
  • Easy to use -- No graphic design or HTML knowledge needed. The built-in email & photo editing tools will help you customize your email marketing template.
  • Customize your HTML email marketing templates with a company logo, colors, photos, images & more
  • Personalize your email marketing templates using customer names & other contact information in the subject line and body of your email
  • Send emails from your desktop email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail & more) or send emails through an online email service provider like Constant Contact, Exact Target & others.

Starting with a studio-quality email marketing template is a fast & simple way to look polished & professional


High Impact eMail 5 is extremely simple. It was designed to help non-professionals look more professional without having to buy & learn expensive software like Photoshop & Dreamweaver. In just a few simple steps, you can create extraordinary emails that have impact.

Start with an agency-quality HTML email marketing template and finish with a bold, personalized and effective email message.


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Create a Personalized, Stylish Email in Minutes

Choose a Template -- Thousands of Agency-Quality HTML Designs

Step 1 -- Start by selecting one of the agency-quality HTML email designs template designs. Browse through thousands of HTML email templates to create sales announcements, email newsletters, invitations, business forms & more.


Select, Edit & Insert Photos with Ease. Then Type Your Message

Step 2 -- Change photos & images easily by simply clicking on a photo socket. The advanced Photo Editor gives you the power to crop, resize, change brightness & more. Once you are done editing your image, the Photo Editor drops your photo into the template for you. Then, type the text you want to use in your email. The built-in eMail Designer lets you change text colors, bold, italicize, align text, add hyperlinks & much more. High Impact eMail 5 handles the design & coding of your email so you do not need any graphic design or HTML programming experience to create a great-looking email with this simple email marketing software tool.


Choose your mailing lists -- Send Email to 1 person or to 1,000

Step 3 -- Now choose who will receive your email. High Impact eMail 5 lets you send to 1 person, your entire list, or to a select few recipients from a mailing list. Add even more impact to your email marketing by personalizing the subject line or text inside your email. The easy eMail Merge tool lets you insert fields for your contacts’ information. So say, “Dear Jim” instead of “Dear Customer” and see what kind of amazing response your emails will receive.


Send your email through your desktop or email service provider

Step 4 -- When you’re ready to send, you have 2 options. Send it through your email clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT!, Gmail, WindowsMail & more OR click to export the HTML from High Impact eMail 5 and use it with virtually any online email service provider like Constant Contact, iContact, Exact Target, Vertical Response & more.


High Impact eMail 5 is email marketing software that saves time & helps any business look more professional.


High 5 (HIE5) your customers & prospects with professional-looking emails using agency-quality email marketing templates.

HIE5 Features: Templates

Professionally-designed HTML email marketing templates

Thousands of agency-quality HTML email templates designed by professionals means you don’t have to start from scratch. Each email marketing template is fully customizable with your company logo, photos, images, colors and text. The template browser makes it easy to preview and select just the right email template – search by keyword, tag favorites, and archive recently used templates.


HIE5 Features: Email Designer

Email Designer

Easily customize your email marketing template without worrying about messy and confusing HTML code. Insert & format the text in your email designs as simply as you would in Microsoft Word. With a few simple clicks, you can add hyperlinks, change text sizes & colors, bold, italicize, add/remove tables, create bulleted lists, convert HTML to PDFs & more. The eMail Designer lets you see your changes as you make them and edits the code as you work. See how easy it is to create an exciting marketing email design using the eMail Designer >>


HIE5 Features: Photo Editor

Photo Editor

The HTML email templates are created with unique photo shapes that make your emails look like they were professionally designed. The Photo Editor allows you to quickly crop or resize photos to fit perfectly in the emails. Drag & drop images in any position & angle you choose. Add text to your images. Adjust the brightness, contrast, transparency & add cool effects to add visual interest. The feature-rich Photo Editor gives you the power and flexibility of Photoshop without the high learning curve & price tag.


Email Marketing: Tn Readyshare Mgr

ReadyShare File Manager

High Impact eMail 5 includes free web storage space for your images (.gif,.jpg), PDFs, Word, Excel & PowerPoint documents. The ReadyShare File Manager ensures your images are web-optimized and always referenced correctly, so your customers always see what you want them to see – no dreaded red x. Already have your images stored at a different location? Upload your images & files to your own designated server.


HIE5 Features: eMail Merge

Email Personalization

Nothing is more professional or effective than addresses your customers & prospects inside your email. With the built-in Quick Merge, eMail Merge you can insert your contacts’ names into the subject line and body text of every email you send. Be more direct by saying, “Dear Jim” instead of “Dear Customer.” Create your email once, then send to 1 person, your entire list, or to a select few recipients from a mailing list.then. Scheduled eMail Merge allows you to schedule your personalized emails to be sent in batches that fulfill your ISP requirements.


HIE5 Features: Color Manager

Color Management

Change the colors in your email using the Color Manager. The Color Picker tool gives you the power to select colors from your logo, images & more by simply clicking. Use the Theme Manager to create a company color scheme to use in every email you send. Or create a seasonal color theme and apply that to your email.


Email Marketing: Tn List Compat

List Compatibility

Use contact lists from Access, CSV, Excel, DBF, QuickBooks, Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT! and more with High Impact eMail 5.


Email Marketing: Tn Email Compat

Email Compatibility

The HTML email designs have been tested to be compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, Outlook Express, ACT! 6, ACT! 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2009, Windows Mail, and Gmail. Be confident that your contacts will receive your emails exactly the way you want them to see it.


Email Marketing: Tn Profile

Profile Manager

Save your contact information, logos and taglines in a user profile that can be applied quickly into your email template design. High Impact eMail 5 allows you to create & store multiple profiles that will save valuable time when you create your email design.

List Management

Keep your email contact lists up to date on your desktop.

Advanced List Mangement (Platinum version only)

Create links to use on your website or inside your email that allow customers to join your email list. Manage lists either through your desktop or on the web with local backup. Include unsubscribe links within your email.

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What's the difference between the Professional and Platinum?
See Comparison Chart

Both versions are packed with studio-quality HTML email templates, the Email Designer, Photo Editor and Color Managers as well as the ability to personalize your messages.

The Professional version provides everything you need to create and send effective and professional email marketing campaigns. The Platinum version gives you:

  • More HTML email template designs (1,300 with Pro, and 1,500 with Platinum)
  • Ability to link customer sign-ups directly from your website
  • Manage lists on the web with local backup
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe
  • 2x more ReadyShare space.

"My only problem is this: High Impact eMail is tooooooo goood!! I can't recommend it because I am afraid others will start using it and my competitive advantage will go away."
--Brad P.

Compatible with:

ACT! 6 and Newer

ACT! Premium for Workgroup

Peachtree and QuickBooks

System Requirements:

Operating system
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Home/Pro (SP2) (32-Bit and 64-Bit, English Versions Only)
Email Client
Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003 (32-Bit, English Versions Only); Windows Mail, Outlook Express 6; Gmail; ACT! 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and ACT! 6. Emails sent with High Impact eMail can be received by virtually every email client including Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, AOL and all other major email clients.
Internet Connection
Required to connect to ReadyShare and view referenced images.

Technical Support
provided by Template Zone

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