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PRODUCT | Global datavault Managed Backup

Global datavault Managed Backup service is a high performance automated backup service which backs up all your valuable data files to two secure data center locations. The information is compressed and encrypted before sending and through differential backup methods, massive amounts of data can be backed up using the service. For a small monthly fee, you begin with 1GB of data storage. The system is monitored for you to ensure your backups are being made correctly.

  • Backups are automatic.
  • Backups are off-site immediately.
  • Previous versions of all files are maintained.
  • Restoring files, even specific versions of files, is very easy.
  • Backups are monitored at our Data Center.
  • Global datavault Managed Backup is the most cost effective, most reliable solution.
  • Customized for ACT!.


What is Global datavault Managed Backup?

Global datavault Managed Backup is a service provided by Global Data Vault. The service creates backup copies of your data files on servers located in Global datavault’s secure data centers.

How does it work?

Global datavault Managed Backup is based on a small application that is installed on your system. You select the list of files to backup. Then, at a frequency that you designate, typically hourly or daily, the data is sent to our secure servers at the Infomart in Dallas. That data is then replicated to our backup site in London, England.

The system is completely secure because the data is encrypted before it ever leaves the machine (your machine) on which it resides. Single files, groups of files or even specific versions of files are then available to you to restore at any time.

ACT! Interface

Global datavault Managed Backup is delivered with a custom interface to ACT! allowing you seamless backup and restore capabilities using familiar ACT! functionality.


Backups of user data can normally be scheduled daily or even hourly. On demand backup is also available and most helpful for mobile users.

Differential Backup

After initial backup, backups are quite fast because only changes are sent to the server. This includes changes inside a file; i.e., just those slides that have changed in a PowerPoint presentation, or the individual new or changed contact data is sent and not the whole file. This means little extra space is used for the version history capability.

Version History

You can restore multiple files or any single file from your backup. Additionally, any individual previous version of a file you saved within the last 30 days may also be restored.


All backups are monitored by Global datavault Support and if a failure is detected, the customer will be contacted.

Other Data

In addition to ACT! data, Global datavault Backup can provide backup for your word processing, spreadsheet, and other data files. We also have solutions for SQL data and Exchange data.

Multiple Copies

Backups are made to our two independent secure data centers, the Infomart in Dallas and Global Switch in London, England. Tape backups are made at Global Switch, which are then moved to a third secure offsite facility.

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Global datavault


The Infomart in Dallas

Global Switch in London

The Infomart in Dallas          

Global Switch in London

Security Features

  • Steel frame curtain-wall, slab over metal construction
  • Hospital-grade power
  • Multiple power grid feeds
  • Multiple 1,500-ton centrifugal chillers
  • Armed security 24/7/365
  • Access controlled
  • On-site engineering
  • Laser motion detectors


Your data is totally secure. All data is encrypted before it leaves your local machine. You can change the default encryption key to one of your choice. A master decryption key is also set by Global Data Vault, but is only known to the directors of the company and is stored at their law firm. You have the option to have your account disabled from being accessed with the master decryption key, but then it will not be possible to read your data if you lose this key for any reason.

The servers themselves are behind secure firewalls and only a single port is exposed on the public IP address. Even if access were gained to the servers, your data is of no use to anyone as it is encrypted and therefore meaningless as stored without the key.

Our servers use RAID disks for reliability. There are multiple backup servers clustered together for processing the data. Your backup data from North America is then copied to our data center in London for ultimate protection. The London servers are backed up each night to an automated tape storage system and the tapes are rotated off site each day to a secure storage vault.

Raid Architecture


All prices are per calendar month, in US$

Monitored Backup Service up to 1GB compressed storage


Up to 5GB compressed storage


Up to 10GB compressed storage


Up to 30GB compressed storage


Up to 50GB compressed storage


Per additional 5GB compressed storage


Per additional computer


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30 day trial version

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Use Global datavault Managed Backup for 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may quit with no cost or other obligation.

More Information:

System Requirements:

  • The client software can be installed on any Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP computer.
  • Since the client software supports mapped network drives and the Network Neighborhood, it can backup data from any computer that is accessible via the network, including Windows 2003 and Novell Netware.
  • Our solution is available in English, French, German, and Dutch.

Compatible with:

ACT! 4 and newer

Technical Support
provided by Global Data Vault



CONTACT US  1-800-806-5281
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