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eGrabber now offers a free scan for ACT! Users (free scan up to 250,000 records). eGrabber Duplicate Analyzer scans your entire ACT! Database for duplicates and generates a report (sample at right) with the following details:

  • Shows total number of duplicates found in your database
  • Shows types of duplicates found
  • Provides a sample list of duplicates detected

Duplicate Analyzer uses eGrabber's Fuzzy matching technology, which gives you the advantage of finding duplicates that are created through

  • Data entry errors
  • Import mapping errors
  • Common Abbreviations
  • Pronunciation variations
  • Formatting variations
  • and lots more...


Free Trial - Download


   How to use Duplicate Analyzer?


1. On installing, Duplicate Analyzer adds a menu "DupChecker" in ACT!. Click "Generate Duplicate Analysis Report (free)" to initiate the free scan.


2. The free scan processes your entire ACT! database and generates a report on number of duplicates detected, number of duplicates by match field such as Name/Company match, Email match, Phone match and Address match.


3. Click "View My Duplicates” to see a partial list of duplicates detected. To view the complete list of duplicates, or to merge/purge the duplicate contacts from your database, you need to purchase eGrabber DupChecker.  


With the report that Duplicate Analyzer generates, you can 

Resume Parsing Feature  Judge the quality of your database.

Resume Parsing Feature  Estimate your business effects caused due to duplicates.

Resume Parsing Feature  Implement mechanisms to eliminate the duplicates.

Resume Parsing Feature  Analyze the cause of duplicates in your organization and employ methods to fix them.


   How to eliminate Duplicates?

Duplicate Analyzer is a free tool that finds duplicates in any ACT! database. To view the complete list of duplicates and to merge/purge the duplicates, you need to purchase eGrabber DupChecker for ACT! 


   Works with

  • ACT! 2011
  • ACT! 2010
  • ACT! 2009
  • ACT! 2008
  • ACT! 2007 - All Versions
  • ACT! 2006 - /

   System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP (with Service Pack 2 installed)
  • Pentium PC or higher
  • 1 GB RAM for database containing less than 25000 records
  • 2 GB RAM for database containing more than 25000 records

Free Trial - Download




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