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PRODUCT | Account-Researcher

Account-Researcher -- The Fastest Way to Research Accounts & Prospects

Built for Sales-Reps who do their own research on prospects and accounts, Account-Researcher is a research expediting tool. If it's on the web, Account-Researcher will find it. You can even get complete details -- including email address -- from LinkedIn Contacts!

Account-Researcher helps you:

  • Quickly qualify a company
  • Build list of key decision makers with name, title, email, phone, social media foot print
  • Get talking points from news, patents, blogs, press releases and other sources

Spend your new-found extra-time connecting with more decision makers!

Unlike other sales intelligence tools and list vendors, Account-Researcher does not keep an internal database of contact information.

Account-Researcher researches in real time and uses the latest information from the Internet.

What can you do with Account-Researcher?

Expert Research

Qualify a Company

Enter a Company Name and Account-Researcher will provide information for you to decide if they are a possible prospect:

  • Company Revenue / Employees / Industry
  • Is the company hiring?
  • Outlook Conversations with the company

Obtain missing email address and phone number

Decision Makers

Once you qualify the Company, you'll need to find the decision maker. Account-Researcher identifies Decision Makers by:

  • Checking on management website
  • Check for C- Level | VP –Level | Owner
  • Finding shared connection within the Company

Hard to find ProspectsFind Contact Details

If you only have a phone number or email address, Account-Researcher can fill in details like:

  • Business email ID
  • Direct Phone / HQ phone
  • LinkedIn / FaceBook / Twitter profile
  • Postal Address / Time Zone

Find hidden last name and other detailsGet Talking Points

Want quick conversation ideas to break the ice? Account-Researcher provides links to useful information such as:

  • Recent News | Press releases | Blog mentions
  • Recent Events | Trends of the Company | Company’s competition
  • Patents | Finance news | Publications | Slide shares | Videos and more…

Features and Highlights:

  • Grab Social Profile & Append email / Phone
    Account-Researcher enables you to capture contacts from any social profiles, newsletters, blogs or any other social footprints on the Internet, including LinkedIn.

  • Grab contacts in Webpage / Outlook
    Account-Researcher lets you select multiple Contacts from a Company Website, Exhibitor Lists, Outlook and more; Contacts can then be researched individually.

  • Research Medium / Small Companies without Websites
    Even for companies that do not have their own Website, (and yes, there are still a few) Account-Researcher can help determine if they are a qualified prospect. It brings back Company info based on employee size, revenue, industry sector, and job openings.

  • Find Decision Makers at All Levels
    If there's a listing of management and their titles, Account-Researcher finds all levels:
    • Works for C-Level / VP / President/ Manager / Supervisor or any title you specify
    • Searches company website / company news / LinkedIn profiles / Internet / your connections / other deep web sources for possible matches
    • Provides closest match, if level specified is not available
    • Researches for the latest possible data available online

  • Conversation starters to build Rapport
    Account-Researcher points you to places on the Internet where you can get in-depth information about your prospect -- from social sites, to press releases, videos, slide shares, financials, trends and more. You'll arm yourself with enough intel to instantly build rapport, the moment your prospect picks up the call.

  • Show email conversations
    Want to know what the last email conversation was with a particular company? Account-Researcher points you to your Outlook emails which were addressed to that company, or to that particular prospect.

  • Mail-Merge: Personalize your emails
    If you have a standard set of emails you send out to your prospects, Account-Researcher has made it easier to add a personal touch. With a click, Account-Researcher inserts your prospect's name, company and other contact information into the template you setup, sending instant emails to anyone you've researched.

  • Export Unlimited Contacts
    You can process and export unlimited contacts to Act! or many popular programs such as PCRecruiter (PCR), Excel spread sheets, and Outlook. Account-Researcher supports CSV format for automatic export of contacts to other CRM’s.

Other key features in Account-Researcher

  • Find Name -- If all you have is a Title and Company and you're looking for the Name of the person who has that Title, Account-Researcher can find it for you.
  • Find Title -- Ever have a prospect who left a name behind, but nothing else? Find out their Title and if they're a Decision Maker with the Find Title button of Account-Researcher.
  • Reverse Email Lookup -- If you've only got a business email address and nothing else, Account-Researcher’s Reverse Email button will find all the missing information - Name, Company, Title, etc. Are they a prospect? A Hot Lead?
  • Reverse Phone Lookup -- Have you ever missed call and they didn't leave a voicemail? Put the number in Account-Researcher and discover what company and contact it was, and what their title is with the Reverse Phone Lookup button.
  • Reverse website Lookup -- Account-Researcher helps find contact information about a Company. With just the Website URL, Account-Researcher intelligently searches the Internet and brings in the Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country and Phone Numbers related to that domain.

Technology under the hood

Account-Researcher has the most accurate, patented contact research technology in the industry.  If there's information anywhere on the Internet, Account-Researcher has a 97% accuracy-rate of finding a hit. Even if a prospect's email is not found, Account-Researcher will project potential email-IDs by building a statistical model of email patterns of the prospect’s colleagues.

How does the append technology work?

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What's My ROI?

Searching for data to qualify Companies, identifying Decision Makers, finding Contact information, and providing Talking Points can take at least 30 minutes -- PER COMPANY -- at a minimum! Account-Researcher gathers all this data in less than 5. The time savings alone is worth price.

What's the catch? What can I expect?

  • There is no catch. But not everyone has an internet foot print and no research tool, not even Account-Researcher can provide data that doesn’t exist in the open Internet.
  • Account-Researcher does not have a compiled database internally, all data found is researched in real time on hundreds of publicly available sources, right at the time you request it.
  • Account-Researcher can find 90%+ of all email addresses of which exist on some document on the open Internet. You understand Account-Researcher does not find 100% of email IDs, that a small percentage of people with email IDs that do exist somewhere on the open Internet may not be found.
  • Account-Researcher projects email IDs of people who's addresses are not found, based on the dominant email pattern used by their colleagues. This is correct typically 2 out of 3 times. So there will be errors.
  • Account-Researcher is many times faster at researching contacts than you could ever do manually, and is just as accurate - if not more - than the best expert researcher.
  • Account-Researcher is a statistical tool - and statistically, while Account-Researcher typically gets 90%+ of email IDs that are on the open internet, only 40%-50% of your prospects may have their email addresses on the Internet. Of course 90%+ is still many times greater then what you'd get if you spent the whole day researching prospects yourself.

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$295 -- Month License
$895.00 -- Year License (one month FREE)

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FREE weekly web training available to all users. Details in your Confirmation Email you receive when you purchase.

Compatible with:

ACT! 2013 (v15) and newer


System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP / Professional
  • Microsoft Windows Vista / Business
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Basic / Pro (32 bit & 64 bit). Does not Support Windows 8 RT.

Systems Requirements
  • Must have Internet Explorer 8.0 or above
  • System Configuration: Core 2 duo and above recommended for Windows 7 & Windows 8
  • 2 GB RAM or as required by the OS, 180 MB disk space to install the program
  • 500 MB free disk space to run the application

Additional Requirements
  • Microsoft® Outlook® 2010
  • Excel 2010
  • Salesforce.com**
  • PCRecruiter
  • ACT! 2013

    **Works with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited editions; provided you have not removed the contact fields your Salesforce.com came configured with. And does not work with Contact Manager and Team/Group edition.

Technical Support
provided by eGrabber


CONTACT US  1-800-806-5281
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