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Drip Marketing Letters Whether you call it Drip Marketing, Trigger Marketing or Lead Nurturing, every business needs to keep in touch with its prospects and customers.

Drip Marketing Letters are written for serious, but time-crunched sales and marketing professionals who want to launch effective drip marketing campaigns to stay top-of-mind with their #1 business asset (their customer list!)

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What is Drip Marketing?

It is a series of planned messages that go out to a client or prospect at specified intervals. It is different from a simple follow-up (many people only follow-up once or twice with someone and then let that contact fall through the cracks). Drip Marketing involves more than one response.

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But why is it called “Drip” Marketing?

Well, the “drip” in drip marketing is borrowed from the agricultural world where plants receive measured drips of water over a long period of time to keep the plants hydrated. So the point of a drip marketing campaign is to plan a steady drip of messages (not a flood followed by a drought) that nourish your customers and/or prospects.

Drip marketing can be used on prospects or customers… but it requires a plan. By sticking with that plan, your messages will begin to make an impact on your prospects and clients. However, be aware that drip marketing is a long-term project. Don’t expect miracles from your first mailing.

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What should you say in your Drip Marketing letter?

Do you stare at a blank page when it comes time to write your follow-up messages? Our motto is… you should never start with a blank page. So what if you had a campaign already written for you? What if all you had to do was add your signature… make a few tweaks if you like (it’s always easier to edit than it is to start from scratch)?

Hey, we know you’re afraid of buying our pre-written letters because you don’t know what they look or sound like, they might not work for your business… or you may not like our writing style. But you know what? It’s going to be okay. We’ve been where you are now, and we know the way out of here.

  • Can’t get your arms around defining the right strategy for your business triggers?
  • Don’t have time or don’t know how to write compelling, (non-sleazy), relationship-building messages?
  • Want a field-tested, proven process, written and endorsed by two top drip marketing consultants who use these exact letters in their world-famous DripMarketingCamp and in their own practices to generate sales leads, get more referrals and open the door to more meaningful conversations with their customer list?

Drip Marketing Letters are trigger-based strategies and marketing messages written by Swiftpage Gold-Certified Drip Marketing Consultants Susan Clark and Lori Feldman. They read exactly like the one-to-one conversations you’d have with your contacts throughout the year, if you had the time…but you probably don’t!

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Co-Author Susan Clark says…“You may have heard of follow-up marketing, nurture marketing, marketing automation, or drip marketing. Whatever you call it, it must be a defined process of consistent communication with customers and prospects–not a flood of advertising messages, followed by a drought. Use our drip marketing letters ‘as is’ or as idea starters to customize your own messages. Never start with a blank page! That’s way too hard!”

Co-Author Lori Feldman says…
“We all hate that salesperson who only contacts us when he wants the order, then gets mad at us for buying from his competitor because he’s MIA when we need him. Business owners and sales reps know intuitively what their ‘perfect’ follow-up process should be…but many get too busy to implement it. Drip Marketing Letters are ‘plug and play.’ We’ve eliminated the last of the excuses for why you can’t follow up appropriately–whether it’s to an outstanding proposal or an inquiry to your website.”

Compatible with:

All versions fo ACT!, Swiftpage and Swiftpage Connect, SalesLogix, SageCRM, MAS and Peachtree

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