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PRODUCT | dpQWsync

dpHistory logoSync your ACT! with QuoteWerks!

QuoteWerks ACT! Opportunity

  • QuoteWerks names Products / Services "QuoteWerks"
  • QuoteWerks transfers one item list with same cost and price

dpQWsync's ACT! Opportunity

  • See your true product list in ACT! Opportunity!
  • dpQWsync transfers all QuoteWerks' items with actual cost, quantity and price

QuoteWerks ACT! Opportunity -- Note: One line item for 4 products - 1 amount for | Cost | Price | Subtotal |.

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dpQWsync's ACT! Opportunity -- Note: Complete list of products with accurate | Quantitiy | Cost | Price | Subtotal |.

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Data Plus

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Cut your data entry time in half! Time your activity/history while you work in other areas of ACT!

DataPlus by HD for e-automate

User access to critical and statistical information from e-automate to your contacts in ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2007. Data is automatically pushed daily to custom fields in ACT! and "REAL TIME" e-automate data can be viewed in ACT!.


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$29.00 -- 1 User

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Compatible with:

ACT! 9 / 2007 and newer

Technical Support
provided by Hogan Data



CONTACT US  1-800-806-5281
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