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PRODUCT | DataPlus by HD for e-automate

View your e-automate data in ACT!

Having the information you need right at your fingertips. Running a smooth and efficient business. Knowing how your business is performing at a glance. These are just some of the reasons why more office equipment dealers are choosing e-automate to manage their business.

DATAPLUSby HD provides:

  • Users access to critical and statistical information from e-automate to your contacts in ACT! Premium for Workgroups. Data is automatically pushed daily to custom fields in ACT! and "REAL TIME" e-automate data can be viewed in ACT!.
  • e-automate data is available to network users and remote users. Remote users synchronize with ACT! providing them the same e-automate information.

DATAPLUSby HD provides the following data from e-automate into ACT!:

  • Companies
  • Companies & Divisions Linked!
  • Contacts Associated with Companies and Divisions!
  • Accounts Receivable
  • List of all your customers!
  • List of balance due per customer!
  • List of all invoices!
  • List of all invoices per customer!
  • Aging report!
  • Accounts Payable
  • List of all your vendors!
  • List of balance due per vendor!
  • List of all invoices!
  • List of all invoices per vendor!
  • Aging report!
  • Equipment
  • List sold to your customers, serial number, install date!
  • Yearly service calls per equipment!
    • Drill down for all service calls to specific equipment!
  • Is equipment under an active contract?
    • Drill down to contract details!
  • Total YTD equipment sales per customer!
  • Restraints by Customer or Sales Representative!
  • Inventory
  • List sold to your customers, date sold, quantity, price, extended price!
  • Total YTD inventory sales per customer!
  • Restraints by Customer or Sales Representative!
  • Contracts/Leases
  • List all your contracts, start date, expiration date, and base rate!
  • Total YTD contract sales per customer!
  • Restraints by Customer or Sales Representative!
  • Sales Orders
  • List all your sales orders, date, type, and total sales!
  • Sales order details, item, sales order date, fullfillment date, price!
  • Restraints by Customer or Sales Representative!
  • Work Orders
  • List all your work orders, date, status, call descriptions and total sales!
  • List all your work orders per customer!
  • Review total work orders for each piece of your customer's equipment!
  • Restraints by Customer or Sales Representative!
  • Reports
  • Crystal Reports
  • Export
  • Export DataPlus views to Excel spread sheet for data manipulation?
  • Customization
  • We will build custom views to support your companies specific needs!


Data Plus

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Adobe Acrobat Reader

Screen Shots

System Requirements:

  • SQL 2005 (2000)
  • SQL 2005 Express
  • e-automate

Compatible with:

ACT! 9 / 2007 and newer

Technical Support
provided by Hogan Data



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