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PRODUCT | Copy Fields Contents

New Hampton GroupCopy Fields Contents

Save time and improve accuracy with easy duplication of the contents of any set of ACT! fields into another set of fields on the same record.

Copy Fields ContentsCopy Fields Contents works with Contact fields, Group fields and Company fields. Any number of field pairs can be copied within a single record, with a single execution of Copy Fields Contents.

Copy Fields Contents can be used either as a trigger or as a custom command. It will operate successfully only if ACT! is running, there is an ACT! database open, and the user is in edit mode (normal operation mode; i.e., not layout designer or lookup mode) in either the Contact Detail View, the Group Detail View or the Company Detail View (i.e., not Contact List View or Task List View, etc.).

Copy Fields Contents uses a "command" or "argument" string which specifies, in field pairs, the names of the destination and source fields. Any number of pairs can be specified in the command, so that multiple fields can be copied at one time. And, since the command value can be set to different values in different trigger definitions and/or custom command definitions, you can copy different sets of fields with a single copy of Copy Fields Contents.

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Copy Fields Contents:



To install Copy Fields Contents in free "trial" mode:

  • Download the installation file and remember where you saved it.
  • Shut down all running programs.
  • Run the installation file from where you saved it in step 1.
  • Note: All products install into the \tnhg folder and subfolders within the Windows "Program Files" folder.

Compatible with:

ACT! 9 / 2007 and Newer


Works with Opportunities

System Requirements

  • Windows

Technical Support
provided by The New Hampton Group



CONTACT US  1-800-806-5281
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