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PRODUCT | CompanyMaker & NEW! CompanyMakerPro

Create Companies automatically and populate them with contacts from your ACT! database!

One of the great features of ACT! is the Company feature.

Companies can be used in a number of different ways. One of the many ways that Companies can be used is by creating Companies to keep information pertaining to the company itself -- such as the company address, number of employees, years in business, and so forth.

If you have a database of 1000 contacts belonging to 400 companies, it can take quite a while to create those 400 Companies and add the contacts to them. That’s where CompanyMaker comes in.

CompanyMakerCompanyMaker lets you select a lookup of contacts to create Companies from automatically and then add the contacts to the Companies in either a linked or non-linked mode. CompanyMaker creates the Company based on matching the company name field from the current lookup of contacts (if you want to use the entire database, do a lookup all) and then adds the contacts to the Companies. If the company already exists, CompanyMaker will just add the contacts to the company as linked or non-linked, based on your choice.

For example, if you create a customer lookup, you could use CompanyMaker to create company records for all of your customers; and the contacts that belong to those companies would be added to the company as either linked contacts or non-linked contacts.

CompanyMaker automatically creates an entry on your Tools menu for easy access.

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CompanyMaker places a link on the Tools menu that will create companies from the current contact lookup in ACT! and link the contacts to the companies. If the company already exists CompanyMaker will just link the contact to the company. CompanyMakerPro adds the ability to copy the contents in additional fields other than the standard address fields from the Contact record to the Company record. The only provision is that these additional fields are named the same in the Contact record and the Company record. FREE TRIAL

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$99 -- CompanyMaker
$199 -- CompanyMakerPro
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  • Free TRIALS -- trial version will only run on the first 5 records in the lookup.


  • CompanyMakerPro adds the ability to select other fields on the Contact record to copy to the Company record in addition to the standard address fields when creating the Company record.
  • Note: In order for other fields to be in the list of available fields to copy the field name in the Company record must be the same as the field name in the Contact record.

Compatible with:

ACT! 7 / 2005 and Newer

Technical Support
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