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PRODUCT | CompanionLink -- Express and Professional versions

Sync Act! with phones, tablets, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Google, Lotus Notes, and Mac

Telephone support included. Install on 3 PCs and manage multiple devices with one license.

  • Supports Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
  • Works with Caller ID, email, mapping, and other phone/tablet features
  • No record limit for synchronization
  • Log Act! Notes/Histories after incoming calls (Android only)
  • Act! Activities include links to contact, phone, email, and maps
  • Web portal to access Act! data from any browser
  • Choice of USB, WiFi, or DejaCloud wireless sync

Sync Act! contacts, activities, to-dos, notes, histories, groups, and user-defined fields to your mobile device. CompanionLink works with virtually any smartphone, any version of Outlook, and any type of Google account.

CompanionLink Professional includes “DoubleLook Mode” – an automatic sync setting between Act! and Outlook.  This version also syncs Act! Opportunities, supports multi-device or mult-database configurations, and lets you control if Activities go to Calendar or Tasks on mobile devices.

Supports ALL devices and destinations

  • Android
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone / Windows Mobile
  • HP webOS
  • Palm OS (Treo, Centro, etc)
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google, Gmail, and Google Apps accounts
  • Lotus Notes
  • GroupWise
  • Palm Desktop

Act! data we sync

  • Contacts
    • Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses
    • Accounts
    • Birthdays
    • Contact photos
    • Map Act! ID/Status as Categories on Android
    • Secondary contacts
    • Up to 9 custom fields

  • Activities
    • Meetings, calls, events, personal activities, vacations, and custom activity types
    • Activities are linked to contacts and include phone and location details
    • Alarms
    • Recurring and all-day events
    • Assign appointment types and complete activities right on Android

  • Notes and histories
    • Notes created on device sync back to Act!
    • Full-length notes and histories that are date and time stamped
    • Groups
    • Sync only the Act! Groups you need on your device

  • To-dos
    • To-do items sync to the tasks list on the phone
    • Priorities
    • Due dates
    • Act! Opportunities sync to Outlook Tasks
    • Map calendar activities by type to the onboard calendar or tasks list
    • User-defined fields

Supported versions of Act!

  • Act! v16 and Newer // Pro / Premium
  • Sage ACT! 2005-2013 // Pro /Premium / Real Estate / Financial
  • ACT! versions 3.0 - 6.0


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Supports sync with all the latest mobile devices, including Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry handhelds. Two-way sync for contacts, appointments, to-do lists, memos, opportunities, history, and custom fields. Supports linked contacts with appointments. Free unlimited technical support. CompanionLink Professional can synchronize multiple ACT! databases using the powerful Category Manager.


Two-way sync between ACT! and Outlook. Make changes in either program and DoubleLook will automatically synchronize them in real-time. You donít even need both programs running!


Two-way sync between ACT! and Lotus Notes. Make changes in either program and DoubleNotes will automatically synchronize them in real-time. You donít even need both programs running!



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$79.95 Express
$129.95 Professional

Upgrade Prices available (click the Purchase Options button above for more)

Free phone support included.

Premium Support (optional $129). This level of service allows CompanionLink to log into your computer and setup or troubleshoot everything for you.

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Express or Pro?

CompanionLink Pro has these additional benefits:

  • Automatic sync between Act! and Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Sync up to 5 devices or databases
  • Category Manager feature allows you to set up multiple categories on their phone to see multiple people’s schedules.
  • Sync Act! Opportunities and Secondary Contacts


  • All versions of Act!


Technical Support

Free, live support provided by CompanionLink.

Want us to handle the configuration for you? We’ll securely log in to your PC and set up everything for you while you watch. With Premium Support, you also get placed in front of the support queue and are assigned a single dedicated specialist.



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