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New Features see belowPRODUCT | BusinessWebMap

See your contacts on a map with the New BusinessWebMap 4.0

BusinessWebMap is an integrated, interactive, web based mapping system that lets you visually see where all of your contacts are located with a few simple clicks.

Where all the ACCs located?

Map of Act! Certified Consultants in United States

Just one click maps your Current Act! LookUp. Once mapped, contacts can be grouped in numerous ways using the proximity search.

Get the whole picture! Act! let's you LookUp Contacts by State, City, or ZIP; but BusinessWebMap shows you where they are!

Ever find yourself with extra time on your hands and want to know who else is in the neighborhood? Want to know every customer within 20 miles of where you are?

Start with a circle proximity map. As the circle expands, the mileage from center point continually adjusts -- so you always know how far out from the center your selected contacts are.

Locate contacts within ten miles.

  • Not limited to simple circles or boxes! If you can see it, you can select it...
  • Start at any point on the map
  • Use roads, rivers, counties, etc. as boundaries
  • Selected contacts are saved as Act! LookUps - for easy grouping and editing
  • Perfect for targeted marketing campaigns!

Find all contacts between High 23, Main Street, and Smith Road.

(Left) Find all contacts between Highway 23, Main Street, and Smith Road.
(Right) Find all contacts between my office and last stop.

Point, Cluster and Heat Maps

Click images to view larger

Identify geographic patterns... quantify numbers... visualize location density

  • Label contacts from any accessible Act! field
  • Use custom icons and colors
  • Layer maps on maps on maps... tag customers in red, vendors in blue, distributors in green, etc.
  • Draw up to 3 maps with up to 5000 contacts each

Total any numeric field from Act! on the map

Results of proximity search.

Great for tracking:

  • Sales
  • Opportunities
  • Units sold
  • Employees
  • Revenues
  • Campaign Results
  • Market Value

Show sales in any area no matter how irregular the shape!

Going on the road? BusinessWebMap will plan your most efficient route!

  • Select contacts to visit in Act! and click route
  • Organize stops sequentially -- or let BusinessWebMap optimize them
  • Rearrange stop sequence by simply dragging contacts up or down in grid
  • Customize stop times, types and duration
  • Start and Finish at same stop
  • Label each stop... Customer, Prospect, Vendor, Lunch, etc.
  • Route up to 50 stops per trip

Save to your iPhone

Get turn by turn directions on screen and written -- never get lost again!

iPhone screen

Click images to view larger

NEW! Get BusinessWebMap on your iPhone

BusinessWebMap on your iPhone

  • Free BusinessWebMap iPhone App brings your maps and directions right to your phone for on the fly directions
  • Routes created in BusinessWebMap seamlessly transfer to your iPhone or iPad

Live Traffic and Satellite Buttons keep you on the move

Get real time traffic updates and current, continually updated satellite images

See Live Traffic Reports.

  • Live Traffic button will keep you out of congested areas
  • Satellite view shows what you really see -- know exactly where you are and where you need to go

BusinessWebMap is totally integrated in Act!
No need to export or import mapped contacts!

One click from the Act! Toolbar lets you
Map Contacts, Get Route & Create Mileage Logs

Map Contacts, Get Route and Create Mileage Logs with one click.

  • NEW - Works with Mileage Report in Act!
  • Great for expense reports
  • Track history of trips for accurate records

Mileage Logs

Click image to view larger

Mileage reports make filling out expense reports a breeze

Share your maps in print or email

Maps Dropped into PowerPoint

  • One click emails map images (JPEGs), including symbols
  • Save and print as pdf's
  • Add maps to any Office document for powerful, visually stunning presentations

If you want to see or visit or visualize your contacts, BusinessWebMap for Act! is the tool you need. Just $19.95 for 1 month.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or you'll get your money back

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$19.95 -- 1 User/1 month
Discounts for 5 or more users


Works in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

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  • There is NO FREE TRIAL, but it is fully guaranteed for 30 days.
  • Free Act! Link This is not a trial. This provides an icon in Act! to access the purchased program.
  • FREE BusinessWebMap for iPhone App


  • ACT! Demo
  • Routing
  • Market Coverage
  • Lead Distribution

Don’t miss this great in-depth review by Hal Reid -- BusinessWebMap is targeted to the business user with an easy-to-learn, very functional set of geospatial solutions that use industry standard data. read more

System Requirements:

  • XP, Vista, or Windows 7 & 8

Compatible with:

ACT! 12 / 2010

ACT! 13 / 2011
ACT! 14 / 2012
ACT! 15 / 2013
Act! 16

Premium and Pro versions

Technical Support
provided by TexMobile, Inc.



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