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PRODUCT | Big Layouts for Act!

Want to view your Act! at a larger type size?
Big Layouts for Act! is the perfect solution!

Act! displays type at a default font size of 8, 8.5 or 10 points. This is great if you have perfect vision, but you won't for long squinting at this small size. Now with Big Layouts for Act!, everything is displayed at a reasonable 14 points. No more guessing or having to find your readers before you can see which contact you're on! Requires a 17" or larger screen.

Includes 4 Popular Screen Views

Available in either Grey or White*

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Contact Screen

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Companies Screen

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Groups Screen

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Opportunities Screen


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$50 -- 1 User
$40 -- 2-10 Users/each
$35 -- 11+ Users/each

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Compatible with:

ACT! 13 / 2011* White only

ACT! 14 / 2012* White only

ACT! 15 / 2013

Act! v16 and Newer

NOTE: Requires 17+ inch wide screen display.

Note: If you have customized your existing layouts, you will need to do same with the new Big Layouts for Act!.


YouTube: How to install Big Layouts for Act!

Technical Support
provided by Fill Staff, Inc.



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