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PRODUCT | ACT! Training CDs and Videos by Wolf's Byte Productions

Getting started with ACT! can be fun and fast!

Hi, I am Douglas Wolf!Hi, I am Douglas Wolf, an ACT! Certified Consultant. I have written 4 books on ACT!, including How to Do Everything With ACT! and produced training products for ACT! for 9 years. All customers may email me for personal ACT! support.

Doug has Training CDs for the following:



Training CDs for ACT! 2012 (v 14)

Learn how fast! ACT! is easy to use, so why do you need training? The fact is the basics of ACT! are pretty simple, but to leverage your investment in ACT!, there are ways of doing things that you need to learn.

I have been training ACT! users for nearly 20 years, written 6 books on ACT! and what I have discovered is that the best way to deliver training is at the moment it is needed. So, my videos are menu driven, short and to the point most being less than 4 minutes long.

Want to send a customized email to 30 people? Want to figure out how to use Groups and the Id/Status field together to gain sales and marketing synergy? Want to automate many of the steps needed to close deals?

This set includes 3 CDs. Click HERE to see the outline for the ACT! 2012 Training CDs

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Training CDs for ACT! 2010 (v 12)

Special offer! Buy my ACT! 2010 Training CDs and I will give you, absolutely FREE, my Mastering Outlook 2007 CD (Reg. $49.95), PLUS a FREE ACT! Consultation.Free CDs

NEW!2 CDS with over 4 hours total training time!!

Get the expertise of a 20 year veteran of ACT! training and consulting on your computer desktop!

The latest version of ACT features a greatly improved Opportunities module and easy to setup links to the most popular social media sites. The Dashboard has been expanded and is even better. The link to Outlook emails as been completely re-done and improved. All these things are covered, along with all the basic functions of ACT! in my 2 CD set. Browse to the lesson you want to learn and see the ACT! screen as describe the best practices you should employ using ACT!.

Click HERE to see the outline for the ACT! 2010 Training CDs

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Training CDs for ACT! 2009 (v 11)

Special offer! Buy my ACT! 2009 Training CDs and I will give you, absolutely FREE, my Mastering Outlook 2003 CD (Reg. $49.95), PLUS my ACT! 2009 Quick Start Guide for Sales.Free CDs

NEW!2 CDS with over 4 hours total training time!!

The latest version of ACT! is a marked improvement in many ways. While the core functions remain the same, many asked-for features are now part of the product. One of the hottest new business buzzes is Dashboards. ACT! has one and I will show you how it works!

With the CD set, select the lesson and you hear and see me taking you through the process on your computer screen! Rerun the lesson anytime! You can print the PDF for hard text that follows the CD lessons. No reading needed just watch and learn!

Click HERE to see the outline for the ACT! 2009 Training CDs

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Wolf's Byte Productions


Other products by Wolf's Byte Productions:

Crystal Reports Training Videos and CD

Learn to use Crystal Reports to create killer reports from your ACT! data. For ACT! 6.x & older

Mastering Outlook 2003 Training CDs from Doug Wolf

Learn to use Outlook at your own speed with Mastering Outlook 2003 Training CD's by Douglas J. Wolf.

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    We have some 2010 and 2009, 2-disc sets for HALF PRICE.




"We were floundering around with ACT! and tried reading manuals and "quick start guides" but got nowhere until we bought and watched Wolf's Byte products. Now we know what we want to do and how." -- Bob Kelly, President, Kelly Computer Supplies

"I did not believe that I could get support for my ACT! problems when I bought the CD training. I have sent three separate emails asking for help and all three were answered the next day." -- Bob Kelly, Kelly Computer Supplies

"I struggled with another company's CDs and then bought from Wolf's Byte. I learned more in 1/2 hour than I had in 4 hours of the other product." -- Bob Shire, Shire Consulting

"The CDs made it simple for my staff to go right to the lesson that they needed to learn and become productive immediately. We bought 50 sets! Plus, Doug answered our email questions the same day." -- Steve Mehler, Proximat


ACT! 6 and Newer

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provided by Wolf's Byte Productions




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