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PRODUCT | Automatic Web Forms

Create Web forms in seconds and import form results directly into Sage ACT!

With Automatic Web Forms for Sage ACT!:

  • You can create Web forms in seconds
  • You don't need a Web site to host the forms
  • You are notified directly from within Sage ACT! when there are form results to import
  • You import form results directly into Sage ACT! with a single click

Why does it revolutionize the way online forms work with Sage ACT!?

Typically Web designers design the online form and then "somebody else" worries about importing results into Sage ACT!. Most of the time, nothing is automated: the Web form server sends an e-mail out and somebody in the office copies and pastes the data from the e-mail into ACT!. If automatized, it is through an import program that tries to make the form fields coincide with the database fields. It usually is a painful process.

With Automatic Web Forms, you create the form from within Sage ACT!, therefore your online form fields have the same characteristics as your Sage ACT! fields. So when importing, there is no trying to make the data fit into the Sage ACT! fields.

Automatic Web Forms also monitors when form results are available for download. No e-mail cluttering your inbox. You just click a button on your ACT! toolbar and all available form results are imported in one operation.

NEW IN v. 2.1 Automatic Web Forms nows supports file uploads, ie. your form users may attach files to their data. Files import as File Attachments.

Use forms for data validation

NEW IN v. 3.0 Automatic Web Forms can now be used for data validation. You simply upload data from your ACT! contacts to our server to pre-populate your forms. In return you get a unique URL per uploaded contact. You send this unique URL to whoever is qualified to validate the data, typically the contact him/herself. Then s/he gets to see your form pre-populated with the uploaded data, can make changes as needed, submit the form and his/her record is automatically updated in ACT! after your review.

NEW IN v. 3.4 Use our style gallery to quickly style your web forms.

NEW IN v. 4.0 Generate ticket numbers. Now supports double opt-in.

Ideal for:

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Event attendee registration
  • Training registration
  • Online surveys
  • Adding contacts, opportunities, activities to your database directly from the field
  • Job applications with resume upload

Data can be imported as:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Groups
  • Opportunities
  • Activities
  • Histories
  • Notes
  • Custom table records
  • File Attachments

Frequenty Asked Questions

Can I create as many forms as I want in as many databases as I want?
You can create as many forms as you want but for a maximum of 2 databases at a time.

I reached the 2-database allowance but I don't use one of my databases anymore, how can I create a form for a 3rd database?
Delete all the forms attached to the database you don't use anymore. This will decrease your database count to 1 and you'll be able to create forms for your 3rd database.

Is the connection between Sage ACT! and your server secure?
Yes. It uses a 256-bit encryption certificate. Same for the connection between the form and the server.

How long are my form results stored on the AutomaticWebForms server?
30 days. After 30 days, all form results are deleted.

I have deleted the form results that I imported into ACT!. Can I reimport them?
Yes. The add-on keeps track of your import sessions of the last 30 days under Import>Reset import data. You may choose to make form results imported during a session available for download again at any time.

Can I create a form with multiple pages?
Yes and you can even use conditional branches to skip pages. For more details, see Part 5 of our user's manual: How to use pages and sections.

Why would I use the hidden field option?
The hidden field option works with the Default value option. If you make a field hidden and give it a default value, this value will automatically be imported into this field. As an example, hide the ID/Status field and set the default value to "Prospect" if you want all your imported records to have "Prospect" written to the ID/Status field.

Can I make a text field import into Sage ACT! as a note?
Yes, in the list of fields, select ACT! Note and the field will import as a note.

Can I create a form that allows for file uploads?
Yes, see File Attachments under Additional Help in the next column or Part 6 of our users's manual: How to use file attachments.


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Help Button

Make your own tooltips to put whatever you want, where you want it! FREE TRIAL


Allows you to associate a layout with a type of contact, company or group, so that when you view contacts, companies or groups the proper layout is automatically displayed. FREE TRIAL

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Compatible with:

ACT! 13 / 2011 and Newer

Pro or Premium

Technical Support
provided by Exponenciel



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