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ACT! 2010 Training CD Outline

ACT 2010 CD 1 

Watch these First
Screen Settings for viewing these videos 1:00
Opening the Demonstration database  1:37
Selecting a Layout in the DEMO2010 database 2:10
Quick Tour of the ACT! Screen 8:10
Getting Started
Creating a new database and adding more users 6:58
Adding a new contact the right way  6:46
Finding Your Contacts
Looking Up a contact 4:04
Lookup contacts with right-click 1:39
Looking up contacts by adding criteria or narrowing criteria 3:33
Lookup, Previous lookups list 1:33
Looking up contact by using keywords 4:48
Looking up records by Annual Event fields 3:59
Plan your work, work your plan
Schedule a phone call  4:38
Starting your day in the Task List 5:20
Using the Calendars 3:07
Clearing Scheduled activities 3:02
Alarm Options 2:14
Viewing the mini-calendar 2:00
Timing your calls 2:37
2 key scheduling options  2:50
Outlook Email options 3:40
Creating a Group, adding records 5:45

ACT! 2010 CD 2 

New Sales Opportunity 5:49
Mail Merging 
Mail Merging to e-mail or documents 11:05
Email Merging with a web link 6:23
Advanced Scheduling
Scheduling resources, conference rooms, etc. 3:23
Granting calendar access for viewing and scheduling 1:45
Creating a custom activity type 3:58
Triggering a series of activities in a field 3:59
Database care and Feeding
Deleting outdated information from your database 1:42
Deleting a contact or multiple contacts 2:20
Deleting a database :50
Exporting a contact and then deleting 3:08
Backing up and database maintenance  3:06
Modifying the Database Structure
Creating a new field 5:56
Adding a phot field to the layout 6:04
Dashboard Lessons
Dashboard viewing and filtering the default dashboard 7:25
Dashboard for Activities 2:45
Changing the dashboard layout 5:38
Dashboard copying to Excel and/or printing 1:40
Dashboard for Sales Opportunities 2:23
Dashboard for Administration of synchronization 1:33
Setting up a Synching database 10:26
PDA synchronization  1:56
Potpourri: Good stuff to know about ACT!
Attaching Outlook Emails from your Inbox folders 4:02
Create a new contact while sending an email from Outlook 1:50
Attach or Create a Link to a File? 2:57

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