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Customized Contact, Client and Office Management for Financial Advisors Track personal information such as family members, dates of birth, calculate ages, family financials, clubs and affiliations and more. Easy access to contact dates such as "Last Reached."

  • Fully Customized Database with various data fields specific to a financial services office
  • Personal Data Fields for your client's and prospect's personal information including dates of birth, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, phone numbers, various address fields, hobbies, clubs, tax information, etc.
  • "Sunken" Tabs in the main contact window for easier access.
  • Add Photos for Contact and Spouse.
  • Manage Multiple Addresses in the main contact window.
  • Updates Ages individually and globally.
  • Auto-fills the Spouse Last Name
  • "Lean" Use of Fields means faster and more optimal use for searching, sorting, mail merging and maintenance




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