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PRODUCT | Advanced CopyFields Wizard

Advanced CopyFields Wizard

Advanced CopyFields Wizard box shot

Ever import an Excel spreadsheet into Act! and notice that you have data in the wrong fields? For example, you put companies in the contact column and vice versa. Ever import or migrate data from another older version, or product, and find that a date field was entered using Text formatting and not date formatting? Now you want to move the data to a true date field. That’s where this tool comes in handy.

This Act! addon wizard will create a set of three additional menu items on the EDIT menu. These extra Copy/Replace/Swap menu items are an extension to the already great replacement tools provided by Act! By Sage. You will see Copy Extended, Replace Extended, and Swap Extended. Using these dropdowns, you can copy, replace or swap ANY type field with ANY other type field. That includes text to date, date to text, etc. If the fields you are swapping are different sizes, you will see an error alerting you to possible truncation of data.

If you copy a text field that has date entries into a date field, the wizard will do it’s best effort at pulling over the text as dates. It will use the underlying system date specifications that are enabled in your operating system.

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Advanced CopyFields Wizard

NEW FEATURE! Name Parts (First Name, Middle Name, Last name, Name Prefix, Name Suffix) can now be addressed as the source and target of a Swap or Copy operation, So it is now  possible to swap the First name and Last Name of a contact among other useful  operations.

There is no trial of this AddOn. We guarantee it works or your money back.


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There is no trial of this AddOn. We guarantee it works or your money back.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • 1 MB free hard disk space
  • Works with versions of Windows that can run Act!

Compatible with:

Act! 7 / 2005 and Newer

Technical Support
provided by Patricia Egen Consulting



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