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PRODUCT | AddressGrabber Standard

AddressGrabber Standard

The quickest way to capture names and addresses in email, web pages, and documents into ACT!

AddressGrabber Standard is your single click answer to capturing names and addresses from email, web pages, documents and entering them into ACT!.

It intelligently extracts all contact details like Name, Company, Title, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, E-mail... and accurately transfers them into ACT!.

AddressGrabber is fast, accurate and saves time! Now you can spend more time identifying potential customers and marketing your solutions.

"AddressGrabber really is a huge time-saver! I have been using AddressGrabber almost everyday for about a year now. I just highlight a person's contact information from an e-mail, click a few buttons, and I get a new record in ACT! filled out instantly." -- Beth Nagengast, Vice President of ACT! Product Marketing

How AddressGrabber Standard works

It is very simple to use AddressGrabber

  • Just select the address in the web page, e-mail or document
  • Click on the ACT! icon in the AddressGrabber floating toolbar and a new contact is created in ACT!

"AddressGrabber has been … an excellent product. Thanks! I receive leads from my home office by e-mail, and then easily transfer them to my Palm and into ACT! for follow-up by mail and phone." -- Richard Lohr, President, Rooftops
(Log Homes and Residential Roofing) Dallas, Texas

Who uses AddressGrabber Standard ?

  • Small businesses and home based businesses that cannot afford to hire extra help for data-entry of leads.
  • Businesses that run on ACT!

AddressGrabber screen

How AddressGrabber Standard helps you

AddressGrabber Standard does more than capture names and addresses:

  • Checks for duplicates and updates if contact exists.
  • Formats incoming data into all CAPS, Sentence Case or other.
  • Verifies the address before transferring it into ACT! and allows you to edit it if you have to.
  • Quickly integrates with email and Word to eliminate time-wasting switches between applications.
  • Transfers addresses to Business and/or Home Address section of ACT!.

"I am using it (AddressGrabber) for downloading contact and company information from the web to my ACT! database. Your product saves me a lot of time and the price was right." -- Patrick Murphy, Pencel Corporation

Get AddressGrabber Now!

Get a copy of AddressGrabber now and start saving time, eliminate hassles and start increasing profits. AddressGrabber is the quickest way for you to leverage your investment in ACT! and other parts of your business.

If you have employees, they will love you for getting AddressGrabber. No one likes spending time on data-entry. It is a waste of time, talent and money. Your employees would much rather help you make more money, than pushing paper! Getting AddressGrabber sends them the message that you value their time.

Besides saving time, AddressGrabber formats all data it handles in the manner you specify, regardless of how you get it. It identifies duplicates and reduces data-entry errors. You will also be able to print well-formatted and accurate labels. Your customers will have a good image of your company. That's worth repeat business at times!

"I LOVE your product (AddressGrabber). I have about 20 additional staff members purchase it because of what it can do. Great job, keep up the good work.” --David W. Maddox, Director, Business Development,
eshare communications

Which edition of AddressGrabber is right for me?




Capture contact details from e-mail, text documents, online directories, Address Books.



Capture contact details from webforms.



Supports 15 additional User fields



Schedule activities while capturing contact details to ACT!.






Shipping Applications
FedEx Ship Software
UPS World Ship Software



Accounting Applications
QuickBooks Pro
Peachtree Complete Accounting,
MS Money



Internet Postage






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AddressGrabber Standard

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"I can't imagine a day without AddressGrabber. With one click I create an ACT! contact from the many emails and websites I review each day." --Sharon Randall, SJR Productions

Which version do I want?
Standard vs Business

Compatible with:

Compatible with:

ACT! 10 and newer



Only the Business version works with ACT! Premium. For ACT! PREMIUM users, try AddressGrabber Business


System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® (32-bit) Enterprise Edition
    Microsoft® Windows® XP (with Service Pack 2 installed)
  • Pentium or equivalent recommended 128 MB RAM or as required by the OS

Works with:

  • E-mail Applications
    MS Outlook® 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2002 / 2000
    Outlook® Express® 5.00 / 4.72 / 4.71
  • Office Tools
    MS Word 2007 / 2003 / 2002 / 2000

Technical Support
provided by eGrabber



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