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Act4Advisors Act4Advisors

Act4Advisors is a customized Act! database template and program designed specifically for financial planners, investment advisors and insurance agents. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry combined with Act!'s contact management expertise, Allied Financial Software, Inc. has created a system that meets the client management needs of most financial professionals.

The Act4Advisors’ interface includes pertinent industry features, such as personal information fields, basic account and insurance information, custom reports, web portal and document management with scanning capabilities. Our goal is to provide to our customers efficient software, training and consulting while establishing partnerships with other acclaimed financial software companies. This goal enables us to deliver the most effective products to our customers.


  • Fully customized database with data fields specific to financial services
  • Personal data fields including dates of birth, social security numbers, family info, drivers license numbers, phone numbers, additional address fields, a comment field, etc…
  • Links contact to client folder
  • Scanning feature scans documents directly into the client’s folder
  • Produces client stock quotes via our internal web portal
  • Performs one button "Contains" queries on any field without using Act!'s advanced query function
  • Includes an Investment Holdings Spreadsheet with a database of over 8700 stocks and over 12,000 mutual funds that directly updates prices from the web
  • Manages preferred mailing addresses so one letter template can be used for any mailing
  • Calculates ages individually and globally
  • Calculates required distribution date
  • Auto-fills the spouse’s Last Name
  • Tracks employee benefits and qualified plans
  • Tracks suitability and compliance data
  • Reports for important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, required distributions, retirement, reviews, insurance anniversaries, Crummey Letters and more
  • Built in web portal for access to web based accounts and financial market content
  • Customized activity types
  • Industry specific array of customized reports for asset allocation, assets under management, referral sources, insurance policies, investment holdings, balance sheet, accounts, etc.
  • Built in Best Practice Activity Series for Drip Marketing, ACAT's, Insurance New Business and Delivery, Seminar Planning, etc.
  • Built in letters for marketing and client service
  • Various layout templates for different resolutions and address preferences
  • Pre-Conversion Program for existing Act4Advisors users and users of multi-user Act! databases
  • Optional interface to Laser App Software
  • "Lean" use of Fields means faster and more optimal searching, sorting, mail merging and maintenance
  • Manages client documents by automatically navigating to the client's folder on a network or local PC from within Act!
  • User customizable
  • Full telephone support is available.

Act4Advisors screen shot


  • New Tabs! New Look!
  • Additional Email fields for Contact and Spouse!
  • Improved Scan & Organize for Act!
  • Improved Preferred Mailing Feature!
  • Customize Activity Types!
  • Photo Fields for Contact and Spouse!

Who is Allied Financial Software, Inc.?

Since 1993, Allied Financial Software, Inc. (formerly Allied Financial Services) has been providing software solutions to the financial services industry. Our background as Certified Financial Planners®, Registered Investment Advisors and Act! Certified Consultants has enabled us to better understand the financial professional's software needs. We have established partnerships with some of the best financial services software companies to help us deliver the most applicable products and services to you.

Developed by:

  • Act! Certified Consultant
  • Certified Financial Planner®
  • Past Vice President of a large broker dealer
  • Series 7 and 24 licensed
  • Business Development Consultant for the Financial Services Industry
  • Financial Services experience since 1986

Allied Financial Software, Inc. can convert your data including:

  • Act!
  • Advisors Assistant
  • Bill Good
  • Brokers Ally
  • Brokers Helper
  • dbCAMS+
  • EZ Data/CDS
  • FDP
  • Goldmine
  • Junxure
  • Maximizer
  • Protracker
  • Text (ASCII)
  • and more, just call for a quote!

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Scan & Organize for Act!

Connect your Act! contacts to their associated documents and folders! Scan and manage documents from within the Act! interface and become paperless. FREE TRIAL


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$249 -- 1 User
$399 -- 2 User Network
$649 -- 3-5 User Network
$999 -- 6-10 User Network

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System Requirements:

  • Act! 2006 or newer
  • Computer/processor: Pentium 1 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1 GB or higher (more memory improves performance)
  • Monitor: XGA or higher resolution (1024 X 768 or greater)
  • Installation requirements: Minimum 125 MB of free hard disk drive space
  • Security Quotes requires Windows IE with Internet connection
  • Investment Holdings Spreadsheet and Important Dates Report require Microsoft Excel 97-2003(XP)

Compatible with:

Act! 8 / 2006 and newer


Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8


Technical Support
provided by Allied Financial Software, Inc.



CONTACT US  1-800-806-5281
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