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PRODUCT | ACT! Custom Database

ACT! Custom Databases

One of the greatest values of ACT! is that it can be customized for end users by Adding Fields, Pull Down Menu’s, Background Colors, Fonts, Reports, Templates for Letters, Envelopes and Labels, Dynamic Groups, etc. Yet, only a very few ACT! Users take advantage of this feature simply because they don’t know how.

Our solution will surely improve productivity and it is very inexpensive.You can start by selecting one of our Primary Database Designs as your foundation. Then you can learn to further customize ACT! for your specific needs by attending one of our live webinars. The webinars and ACT! Proficiency Training Classes are included with your Custom Database!

Primary Database Designs

  • Financial Advisors & Insurance Specialists
  • Entrepreneurs & Sales Representatives
  • Office Managers & Administrators

ACT! Proficiency Training

  • Video Classes – Over 100 Popular Topics
  • You Tube Solutions for Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Productivity Webinars

  • 9 Vital Skills that Increase Productivity
  • Learn to Customize ACT! & Maximize its Power

$199 / Per Team, Includes Training & Webinars for all Team Members
Does not include ACT! Software. (Free Trial of ACT! 15 / 2013 Available)

Your productivity will increase. We promise.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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$199 -- 1st Team member
FREE -- Addt'l Team members

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Compatible with:

ACT! 13 / 2011 and Newer


Does NOT include ACT! software

Technical Support
provided by MaxPro Systems.
Training by VirtualRoof.com



CONTACT US  1-800-806-5281
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