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These listings are for products compatible with Act! version 2005 and newer

For a list compatible with Act! version 6.x and older, click here

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Act!look transfers Act! contacts quick and easy to MS Outlook. From Outlook you can easily synchronize them with a PDA (palm, pocket pc, etc.) or mobile phone. FREE TRIAL

Shows companies and divisions, or groups and subgroups including their contacts, in a logical tree. Also lookups from company selections to contacts. FREE TRIAL

Convert Attachment to Shortcut
Converts file attachments in Act! to shortcuts and moves the original files into a predefined folder. FREE TRIAL

You like to work with Act! but prefer to send emails with MS Outlook? Then you should use Email-Connect for MS Outlook. You can start your Outlook email from Act! and you can simply send the mail from Outlook or you send and attach to Act!. The email address is the key for the connection to Act! -- no Act! email client is needed. Every time an email is attached, a small message window acknowledges the successful action. This is the result in Act! -- the email is attached. Incoming emails can be attached the same way. Very useful and easy. FREE TRIAL

Email-Connect Professional
Create mail merges in a very fast way, choose where you want to attach the emails in history or Docs and send mail deferred. FREE TRIAL

Export to vCARD
This AddOn can create and export vCARDs of Act! contacts. It is possible to export single contacts and complete contactlists to a specified folder. FREE TRIAL

GroupMixer: Create new lookups by combining or excluding group memberships. FREE TRIAL

A simple tool for the fastest and easiest mail merge with Act! Not slow, not unstable, and the standard Word printing dialog is not limited like the internal mail merge in Act! Only 2.5 minutes for a mail merge with about 4700 contacts! FREE TRIAL

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ACT Mobile Messenger

ACT Mobile Messenger
ACT Mobile Messenger is a fast communication tool that allows you to instantly send or schedule a SMS text message from Act! to anyone/anytime/anywhere and record the details in the contact history. It is ideal for any application that requires instant communication as well as a record of the message being sent including message detail, date and time. It is also great for events, conferences, appointments, meeting confirmations, alerts and alarms. FREE TRIAL

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RDBWiz walks you through all the tasks for setting up synchronization; allowing you to queue-up a group of remote databases for creation, then, with a click of a button, automatically cut each RDB sequentially. After creation RDBWiz can send them to an ftp site for easy distribution. All without opening Act! FREE TRIAL

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ADS Programming Services

Address Verification for Act!
Address Verification for Act! will verifiy the addresses in your Act! database. If your contacts have moved you will receive their new address. In addition we can provide residential and mobile phone numbers for your contacts. We provide CASS certification and NCOA. Requires Act! 2007 or higher.

CompanyMaker places a link on the Tools menu that will create companies from the current contact lookup in Act! and link the contacts to the companies. If the company already exists CompanyMaker will just link the contact to the company. CompanyMakerPro adds the ability to copy the contents in additional fields other than the standard address fields from the Contact record to the Company record. The only provision is that these additional fields are named the same in the Contact record and the Company record. FREE TRIAL

Crystal Clear Essentials
Built using the world's most popular report generator, Crystal Clear Essentials delivers vital information to managers and executives in a way that is not possible using the built-in Act! report generator. FREE TRIAL

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Allied Financial Software

A custom Act! database and layout template designed specifically for financial services professionals. Customized contact, client and office management for financial advisors. Includes custom database, templates, layouts and reports.

Scan and Organize for Act!
Connect your Act! contacts to their associated documents and folders! Scan and manage documents from within the Act! interface and become paperless.

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Aspire Technologies

QuoteWerks sales quoting software empowers businesses to increase productivity and close more sales by simplifying and streamlining the price quoting/estimating process both in the office and on the road. FREE TRIAL

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Net Prospector Professional
Low cost source of qualified sales leads direct from the web. Unlimited phone numbers, addresses, and emails, and contacts. FREE TRIAL

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Act! v16 Training CDs by betterACTnow
Our Act! training CDs contain focused quality video tutorials developed exclusively for Act! users and presented by top Act! trainer, Elene Marsden. Two different CDs: Fundamentals & Expert

Act! 2013 Training CDs by betterACTnow
Our Act! training CDs contain focused quality video tutorials developed exclusively for Act! users and presented by top Act! by Sage trainer, Elene Marsden. Two different CDs: Fundamentals & Expert

Act! 2012 Training CDs by betterACTnow
Our Act! training CDs contain focused quality video tutorials developed exclusively for Act! users and presented by top Act! by Sage trainer, Elene Marsden. Two different CDs: Fundamentals & Expert

Act! 2011 Training CDs by betterACTnow
Our Act! training CDs contain focused quality video tutorials developed exclusively for Act! users and presented by top Act! by Sage trainer, Elene Marsden. Two different CDs: Fundamentals & Expert

Act! 2010 Training CDs by betterACTnow
Our Act! training CDs contain focused quality video tutorials developed exclusively for Act! users and presented by top Act! by Sage trainer, Elene Marsden. Three different CDs: Fundamentals, Expert, and E-marketing Training.

Act! Fundamentals Training CD from betterACTnow
Our Act! 2008-2009 training CD contains 1.5 hours of focused quality video tutorials developed exclusively for Act! users and presented by top Act! by Sage trainer, Elene Marsden. Includes 9 essential Act! topics and complementary course notes.

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C2 Business Advisors, LLC

RemarkableMail™ is the fastest, easiest-to-use direct mailing software for Act!. Now you can automatically send direct mail from Act! without leaving your desk -- or licking a stamp! You design it. We print it. We mail it. Guaranteed!

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Card Scanning Solutions

Scan2CRM for Act!
Scan2CRM for Act! - Scan business cards directly into Act!. Works with current versions of Act!.

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CI Corp

Converting Databases to Act!
Convert your contact management data directly into Act! without leaving valuable data behind. We will completely convert unlimited companies, contacts, activities, histories, notes, sales, groups, custom fields, attachments and more! Why bother learning a new software program when we can do it faster, cheaper and ensure that your data is absolutely accurate. Your important data and data relationships are maintained. We convert from Goldmine, Maximizer, SalesForce, Sharkware, and many more.

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CompanionLink Software

Supports sync with all the latest mobile devices, including Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry handhelds. Two-way sync for contacts, appointments, to-do lists, memos, opportunities, history, and custom fields. Supports linked contacts with appointments. Free unlimited technical support. CompanionLink Professional can synchronize multiple Act! databases using the powerful Category Manager. FREE TRIAL

Two-way sync between Act! and Outlook.  Make changes in either program and DoubleLook will automatically synchronize them in real-time.  You don’t even need both programs running!

Double Notes
Two-way sync between Act! and Lotus Notes.  Make changes in either program and DoubleNotes will automatically synchronize them in real-time.  You don’t even need both programs running!

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The FileManager

The FileManager -- The Easiest File & Document Management System Made for Act! Manage, Scan and Organize your Documents Quickly and Easily. FREE TRIAL

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Cornerstone Solutions

Red Flags

FOR ACT! 6 AND OLDER -- Converting from ACT! 6 or older and need to analyze your database for Red Flags.

Sage Act! QuickStudy Guides
These Sage Act! user guides (for Pro or Premium)  includes tips for everyday use as well as detailed instructions on customizing and administering your ACT database.

Swiftpage E-Marketing QuickStudy Guide
Swiftpage manual full of tips and step-by-step procedures to help you learn to use Sage E-Marketing for Act!. Everything you need to know to maximize your email results.

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CRM AddOn Factory

AddressIT validates and fully completes your existing address information automatically into Act!. FREE TRIAL

Allows you to edit Opportunity fields across multiple entries in one easy process. With BulkChangeIT, you can save time, increase report accuracy, and avoid the hassle of updating Opportunity fields one entry at a time.

Use DialIT with Act! to dial and answer calls, update contact information, add new contacts, create history, and schedule activities for incoming and outgoing calls with just the click of a mouse. FREE TRIAL

ExportIT for Act! is an efficient time saver that significantly improves upon Act!'s built-in exporting utility. ExportIT allows you to export all data from Act!. For Act! versions 2005 and newer.

FetchIT. An easy, effective way to transfer data from email into Act!. FREE TRIAL

GroupIT makes managing and searching groups in Act! easier than ever. Using GroupIT, you can search multiple groups and companies within your Act! database to find contacts quickly, efficiently, and without duplication. FREE TRIAL

ImportIT for Act! makes importing and managing contact lists in Act! a breeze. It is packed with tools and features to let you quickly and easily import everything directly into Act!.

OutreachIT for Act! helps you develop and maintain profitable relationships with contacts by sending targeted, regular email messages. FREE TRIAL

SearchIT for Act! Create powerful, specific, save-able searches in Act! FREE TRIAL

ServiceIT for Act! runs in conjunction with ImportIT and ExportIT. ServiceIT is an executable module that performs specific functions without requiring a login.

TableIT lets you build custom tables and define relationships between Contacts, Companies, and Groups. With custom tables, you can tailor your Act! database to meet your business needs with greater ease and efficiency than ever before possible. FREE TRIAL

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CRM Integration Systems

Call On CRM
Call On CRM is a comprehensive communications solution that combines the two most powerful customer contact business tools -- your phone system and your Act! Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system. FREE TRIAL

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Cubix Software

The HelpDesk... for Act!
The Helpdesk...for Act! is designed to integrate with Act!, allowing your support staff to manage the helpdesk within a familiar look and feel and prioritise their workload with automatic alerts to remind them of up coming SLA targets. FREE TRIAL

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Data Fields Manager, Inc.

Data Fields Manager
Data Fields Manager provides users with the capability to perform repetitive field modification operations over an entire Outlook database with the click of a button! FREE TRIAL

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Datastream Consulting Services

Do it! Bill it!
This unique project management tool links Act! / Saleslogix with your accounting package, bridging the gap between project management, tracking billable time, and creating invoices! Assign client or project-specific tasks to Act! Users' calendar, create project notes, track billable time easily, and Do it! Bill it! will easily create invoices in QuickBooks or Peachtree. FREE TRIAL

Now you can manage your Job Orders and Candidates with Placements for Act!, a very complete solution for Executive Search, Recruitment Professionals. Contains sophisticated resume keyword search; Candidates get associated with jobs by status (Posted, Submitted, Interview, rejected (Why) Custom dashboard shows Jobs that need your attention, candidates who are moving through particular jobs. FREE TRIAL

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The two biggest excuses we hear for why businesses don't launch drip marketing campaigns are 'no time' and 'no idea what to write!' DripMarketingLetters solves both problems for you with our suite of proven, pre-written drip marketing sales letters.

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Durkin Computing, LLC

Data Exporter for Act!
Data Exporter for Act! / The data export utility will export all data from a specific table or from ANY table in the ACT SQL database. FREE TRIAL

Impact Calendar View
Impact Business Suite / Impact Calendar View Module / A must have contact management tool that delivers robust features and functionality you can't enjoy with the Act! by Sage native view. FREE TRIAL

Impact Contact List
Impact Business Suite / Impact Contact List Module is a powerful Act! Addon that facilitates access to most features saving time with contact management. FREE TRIAL

Impact Opportunity List
Impact Business Suite / Impact Opportunity List Module / Power up the native Act! by Sage Opportunity List to experience a more detailed list manager with powerful management tools. FREE TRIAL

Impact Task List
Impact Business Suite / Impact Task List Module / High productivity addon that extends and enhances the Act! by Sage native task list with robust features and functionality. FREE TRIAL

Report Designer
Report Designer is built for Act! and Act! only. It provides all tools necessary to create professional reports of virtually any type, including hierarchical master-detail reports from custom tables, table and multi-column reports, as well as interactive drill-down and drill-through reports. 30-DAY FREE TRIAL

Smart Notes for Act!
The most amazing data mining tool for Act! Create manual sticky notes and attach to contacts, companies, opportunities, and activities. Reminds you of important information about contacts and allows you to share with others. Also, create rules that can display notes when data in your customer record matches user defined rules. Low cost. FREE TRIAL

Tab Indicators for Act!
Tab Indicators for Act! notifies you when conditions you set, occur in your Act! database. Never miss important information again! FREE TRIAL

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DYMO Corporation

Dymo LabelWriter by DYMO
Provides instant labels for the current record, current lookup or the entire Act! database. Prints labels for shipping, file folders, videos, cassettes, 3.5 inch and ZIP disks, notebooks, name badges and internet postage. Prints high quality text, graphics and bar codes. Connects to USB or serial port. Includes printer, software, USB and serial cables, power cord, manual and one roll of shipping labels.

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Effective Solutions

QSalesData for Act!
Take your business to a new level of efficiency by linking your Act! and Quickbooks applications together. Having separate Act! and Quickbooks databases can be a major source of inefficiency and duplicate work. With our Quickbooks link for Act! you eliminate double-entry and make your Act! and Quickbooks users more productive. QSalesData is the only Quickbooks link that actually brings data into your ACT database so you can use it in lookups, dashboards and reports! FREE TRIAL

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Egen Consulting

Advanced CopyFields Wizard
Addon that creates Advanced Copy/Replace/Swap menu items in Act!. You can copy, replace or swap ANY type field with ANY other type field. Exceptions – you can not work with any Act! system fields.

Advanced Delete User Wizard
Advanced Delete User Wizard -- Allows the removal of users from an Act! database while retaining a historical reference to entries created by the user being deleted.

Company Wizard Plus
Act! plug-in that works on Contact Lists. All contacts selected will automatically be added to a Company record. If the company doesn’t exist, it will be created. Any contacts with blank names or blank company fields are skipped.

Duplicate Contact Wizard
Batch remove duplicate contacts and companies in Act!. Merge all documents, notes, histories, fields, groups, etc. Search on up to 6 fields for duplicates.

Fields and Tables to Excel Wizard
Standalone tool that reads an Act! database and dumps all field structures to an Excel spreadsheet. One sheet is created for all entities.

Secondary Contact Wizard
Tool to demote primary to secondary contact. You have the option to copy all the notes and histories from the demoted contact to primary contact. Gives you an option to delete the secondary or keep it as a primary.

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Account-Researcher is the fastest and most accurate B2B social network prospecting tool available. Get complete contact details with just a name & company - title, email, phone, social media footprints, talking points. Also finds other decision makers in the company. FREE TRIAL

AddressGrabber Business
Single click data-entry and activity scheduler. Automatically extracts and enters into Act! contact information and user defined fields. Also schedules activities such as calls and meetings in Act! Use it to enter into Act! details in email, web-sites or customer responses to web-forms. Most productive Act! Add-on. Don't leave without test driving it. FREE TRIAL

AddressGrabber Standard
Enters contacts in email and web-sites. AddressGrabber Intelligently figures out all contact fields and enters them as a new Act! contact in less than 5 seconds! Works like magic! FREE TRIAL

AddressGrabber Suite
AddressGrabber Suite for Act! is a productivity Suite comprising 3 add-ons that are designed to speed up the most frequently used activities in Act! Routine activities such as adding contacts, looking up contacts, scheduling activities can be done 10 times (10x) faster with AddressGrabber Suite in Act! FREE TRIAL

eGrabber DupChecker
The quickest and most accurate way to merge and eliminate duplicates in Act! Another terrific product from eGrabber.

eMail Lead Grabber Business
eMail Lead Grabber Business is the ideal software for web lead prospecting and follow-up. eMail Lead Grabber Business automatically downloads emails from web forms and third-party sites, processes them into Act!, Goldmine, Outlook, Excel, Access and assigns follow-up whenever a web form is filled out on your web site. FREE TRIAL

LeadGrabber Pro
B2B List building tool with powerful web-extract macros and email appending technology; Enables you to build more custom tailored & more up-to-date contact lists than you can buy from any list vendor. FREE TRIAL

Find business email address, find business contact information - LeadResearcher finds the missing email ids, phone numbers, etc for your contacts in Act!. It helps you to find the updated contact information for your Act! contacts. FREE TRIAL

ListGrabber Standard
Capture address lists from sources such as YellowPages.com, whitePages.com, SmartPages.com, SuperPages.com, InfoSpace, Realtor.com and hundreds of other sites and transfer them as contacts into Act! Also works with lists in Microsoft Word. Eliminates retyping! Works like magic! FREE TRIAL

ResumeGrabber JobSuite
Mass Resume Import Tool for Act!. The software can capture resumes from any online source, Outlook and PC folders and import them into your Act!. FREE TRIAL

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Import data into Act! Field-by-Field merge of ASCII data into Act!. Update any of Act!'s updateable Contact, Group, Activities, Email, History or Notes fields from ASCII input file. Match on one or more Contact or Group fields ASCII input file may be quote-comma delimited, comma-separated values (CSV from Excel, etc.) OR tab-delimited. Updates ONLY the Act! fields you specify. Provides mapping to define which field(s) to update and which field to match on; maps can be saved & reused later. FREE TRIAL

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Act! Calendar To Excel
Export your Act! Calendar to Excel. Include any field you want. Use Excel's advanced formatting features to create the calendar of your dream. Excel calendars are easy to print, easy to email, easy to convert to HTML and easy to share. FREE TRIAL

Act! List View Manager
Never recreate a list view anymore! With Act! List View Manager, you can store the settings of your list views (column order, column width and sort order) so that you may easily load them back up as needed. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Activity Window
Advanced Activity Window -- All the information you want can now be displayed in the Calendar view or on your smart phone!. With this add-on, you can automatically populate the location or details field of the Activity window with the contact's address, his phone numbers or with any other contact fields of your choice. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Do Not Call Lookup
Comply with the new FTC rules for telemarketing which require that telemarketers scrub their call lists every 31 days. Advanced Do Not Call Lookup allows you to quickly check phone numbers, contact, group or company records and build lookups of record that you may call or not call so that you can flag or delete them. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Drop-Down Lists
Advanced Drop-Down Lists helps data entry. With Advanced Drop-Down Lists, you may attach to your fields drop-downs items which depend on the value of another field. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Excel Templates
If you can create a Word template with Act!, you can now create an Excel Template with Act!. We've made this as simple as possible, mimicking the way you create templates in MS Word or in the Act! Word Processor. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Field Protection
Advanced Field Protection gives you full control over who can edit your Act! fields. Users may be given edit rights, initialize rights (can enter information when the field is empty) or no edit rights at all. Also allows you to hide tabs for the users of your choice. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Layout Tools -- General Pack!
A unique collection of 7 layout controls that will help you visually organize your data, enter a document path, launch an outside program or document by clicking a button, view a multi-month calendar. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Layout Tools -- Graphics Pack!
Create graphs directly in your layout! With the ChartBar and ProgressBar controls, you can better visualize your records data with great looking graphics. No need to run reports. Your graphs are updated when browsing through records. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Layout Tools -- Notifier Pack!
Make sure no critical data is left unnoticed in your contact records! With the InformationBar tool, you can display critical information at the top of your screen. With the Notifier tool, you may monitor a field and display an image to attract your attention depending on its value. Two critical tools to manage your critical data. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Layout Tools -- PictureViewer Pack!
Add a picture viewer to your contact layouts. A picture viewer displays multiple pictures using minimal screen space. Pictures are automatically resized to fit viewer. Add a title, rotate pictures in a snap. Easily browse through pictures. Pictures can either be in an Act! picture field or outside of Act!. A must for picture users. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Lookup by Groups
The must-have add-on for group users. Create cross-sections of groups, combine groups, exclude a lookup from a group, reverse lookups, find groupless contacts and more. New contact/group data management functions. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Menu Management
Advanced Menu Management allows you to disable Act! features by letting you choose which Act! menu commands are available to the users of your database. If you find that the Act! security roles do not give you enough flexibility, Advanced Menu Management is for you. Want to disable the Import/Export feature for certain users? Want to prevent users from using the Replace field function? Advanced Menu Management gives you full control over who can do what. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Sales Lookup, Export and Reports
Designed to help you manage your Sales Opportunities by combining three functions: advanced Opportunities Lookup features; the ability to export your sales data to a CSV (Comma delimited) file for easy import into another program; and easy creation of reports in Excel with formatting, sorting and totals. For instance, calculations may be run automatically in Excel to create Commission reports. FREE TRIAL

Automatic Data Entry From Table
Tired of entering the same information over and over? Automatic Data Entry From Table can fill in up to 20 target fields in one operation. Create a data table and choose a reference field. Whenever the reference field is changed, the table is scanned for the new value and the related fields automatically updated. FREE TRIAL

Automatic Field Calculations
Allows you to make any type of calculation using your Act! contact, company or group fields. Supports more than 50 mathematical, conditional, date/time, string, format, financial and statistical functions. It even supports multi-level functions. FREE TRIAL

Automatic Member Synchronization
Automatically update the contact records of a company or group when you modify that company or group. The add-on may also update divisions of a company and subgroups of a group. Works with the fields of your choice. FREE TRIAL

Automatic Web Forms
Create Web forms in seconds and import form results directly into Act!. FREE TRIAL

AutoNumbers for Act! Records
Automatically number your Act! records (contacts, companies, groups or opportunities) at the time of creation or in manual mode. Automatically give your contacts, companies and groups a unique account number and your opportunities a unique quote number. Flexible autonumber syntax and editor: may include auto-incremented number, field values, system variables (date, time). FREE TRIAL

Add one or more buttons to your layouts to quickly go from one contact to another. Create one-to-one or one-to-many links. Name your relationships. FREE TRIAL

Copy Data Between Records
Copy Data Between Records gives you a list of records to choose from in your layout. Upon clicking one record, it copies data from that record into premapped fields of the current record. FREE TRIAL

Excel Quote/Invoice Maker
With Excel Quote/Invoice Maker, you can easily merge opportunities in Excel to produce quotes and invoices in a snap. FREE TRIAL

Excel Templates with Quote/Invoice Maker for Act!
An enhanced version of Excel Templates for Act!. You'll be able to merge Sales/ Opportunities data in your Excel spreadsheets, making the generation of quotes and invoices a snap. FREE TRIAL

Field Tooltips
Add tooltips to your layouts to provide easy-to-access help information to your users. Ideal to educate your users and ensure database integrity through better data input. No need to modify your layouts. FREE TRIAL

Help Button
Make your own tooltips to put whatever you want, where you want it! FREE TRIAL

Allows you to associate a layout with a type of contact, company or group, so that when you view contacts, companies or groups the proper layout is automatically displayed. FREE TRIAL

MagicJack Plugin for Act!
With the MagicJack Plugin for Act!, MagicJack owners can make phone calls from within Act! by just pressing a button, next to each phone fields. No need to copy and paste the phone number anymore. FREE TRIAL

MailChimp Plugin for Act!
MailChimp Plug-in for Act! is a leader of the Email Marketing and Email List Manager market and you can now integrate their services with Act! 2011 or newer. FREE TRIAL

Navigation Bar for Companies-Groups
Make your Company and Group Detail screen work the same way as your Contact Detail screen. View lookups in Company and Group Detail views. Add VCR-like navigation buttons similar to the ones used in Contact Detail view. Detail views and List views are always synchronized. The most intuitive way to use Companies and Groups. FREE TRIAL

On-Off Edit Mode
On-Off Edit Mode adds a long-time awaited feature to Act!: the ability to protect your layout fields to avoid accidental changes.

Purge Notes and History
Remove the unwanted history records that clog your contact, company and group records. Choose the history records you want to purge based on their type, their record manager, their date and their regarding field. FREE TRIAL

Skype Plugin for Act!
With the Skype Plugin for Act!, allows you to integrate Act! with Skype. Single click dialing. More ... FREE TRIAL

Universal Dialer Plugin
Universal Dialer Plugin -- Integrate Skype, Ninja Plus, MagicJack and other dialers with Act!. FREE TRIAL

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Fill Staff, Inc.

Big Layouts for Act!
Big Layouts for Act! - View Act! screens with larger type, so you can see comfortably.

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Hero Technical Solutions

CASL Tool for Act!
A tool for Act! that allows you to e-mail your list before July 1, 2014 to request permission to continue to communicate with them via e-mail, and avoid potential large fines, up to $10,000,000.

Company Group Limited Access
Company Group Limited Access allows you to set the access for multiple Companies or Groups all at once instead of record-by-record. Create a lookup, choose your users and/or teams, click OK and you're done.

Contact Clipboard
Contact Clipboard is a great little tool for Act! that lets you save time by making it really easy to copy just the details you want from a Contact record when copying and pasting from Act! into another program.

Delete Secondary Contacts
Delete Secondary Contacts allows you to remove Secondary Contacts from an entire database or a single lookup of Contacts. Simply do a 'Lookup All Contacts' or create a Lookup of the Contacts whose Secondary Contacts you want to delete, and choose "Delete Secondary Contacts..." from the Tools menu. Piece of cake!

Hero Company Deleter
Hero Company Deleter allows you to delete an entire Lookup of Company records in your Act! database instead of having to delete them one by one. Simply create your Company Lookup and choose "Delete Company Lookup" from the Tools menu, confirm, and you're done!

Hero Group Deleter
Hero Group Deleter allows you to delete an entire Lookup of Group records in your Act! database instead of having to delete them one by one. Simply create your Group Lookup and choose "Delete Group Lookup" from the Tools menu, confirm, and you're done! Hero Group Delete will also optionally delete Subgroups for you for the Groups in your Lookup.

Notes2History is a tool to move your Act! Notes to the History tab by taking the records and converting them to a custom activity type that you create and name whatever you like. It's perfect for moving all notes to History after an Act! 6 conversion or if you just decide to have all Notes and History on one tab. Watch the video and you'll be an expert in under four minutes.

Promote Secondary Contacts
Promote Secondary Contacts will take all of the Secondary Contacts that belong to the Contacts in a Lookup and Promote them - making them full-blown Contacts instantly.

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DataPlus by HD for e-automate
User access to critical and statistical information from e-automate to your contacts in Act! Premium for Workgroups 2007. Data is automatically pushed daily to custom fields in Act! and "REAL TIME" e-automate data can be viewed in Act!. FREE TRIAL

Cut your data entry time in half! Time your activity/history while you work in other areas of Act! FREE TRIAL

dpQWsync's Act! Opportunity. See your true product list in Act! Opportunity! dpQWsync transfers all QuoteWerks' items with actual cost, quantity and price. FREE TRIAL

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Information Optics Corp.

InfoOptics™ Universal Data Translator
Creates a one-way or bidirectional synchronization between any two data formats. Integrate your Act! database with your order entry, e-commerce, loan processing, accounting or any other database system. Improve productivity and increase revenue with InfoOptics.

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J2X Technologies

Handheld Contact
Puts Act! functionality on the best-in-class BlackBerry e-mail device. Changes to desktop Act! are sent wirelessly to the BlackBerry and vice-versa. Grab your BlackBerry and go -- it's always in sync!

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MAXPRO Systems

Act! Custom Database
Custom Database Features, Act! Proficiency Skills Training; Personal Productivity Webinars. Improved Efficiency, Marketing & Management Strategies.

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Mondo Media

Act! OnLine Training by MondoMedia
Master Act! at your pace. Act! OnLine Training by MondoMedia provides OnLine Training for all versions of Act! that you can access anywhere, anytime. Over twenty years of extensive Act! Training by the author assures these lessons are current and relevant. View Sample Videos and Table of Contents. FREE Lesson!

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The New Hampton Group

Account Number Generator
Account Number Generator generates an identifier or ID, based on the template and factors that you specify. The "template" controls the composition of each "number", which can be unique within each database. FREE TRIAL

Age Today
Use the Birth Date field to determine the Age (as of "today"). FREE TRIAL

Auto Fill Fields
Automatically load any number of Act! fields with values determined by the contents of another field. FREE TRIAL

Batch Field Creator
Add any number of fields to the Act! Contact, Group, or Company records, using a spreadsheet holding the field definitions. FREE TRIAL 

Copy Fields Contents
Easily duplicate the contents of one or more sets of Act! fields into other sets of fields on the same Act! record. FREE TRIAL

Copy Opportunity To Lookup
A quick and easy way to copy a Sales Opportunity to all the contacts in the current lookup. FREE TRIAL

Copy System Field
Access those inaccessible "system" fields on your Act! contact records. FREE TRIAL

Delete Company Lookup
Quickly and easily delete all of the Company records in the current lookup. FREE TRIAL

Delete Group Lookup
Quickly and easily delete all the groups in the current lookup of an Act! database. FREE TRIAL

Edit Append Field
Edit Append Field -- Quickly and easily add or remove an item to or from a multi-select dropdown field on every record in a lookup. FREE TRIAL

Field Calculator
Calculate the value of any Act! field from values in other fields, constants and formulae. FREE TRIAL

Joint Salutation
Automatically create a Salutation for couples, partners, agents, or any pair of fields. FREE TRIAL

Layout Manager
Automatically switch the Act! Contact Layout, based on a field value on the Contact record, or on the name of the database. FREE TRIAL

Limited Access Manager
A quick and easy way to assign a single Access List to all the contacts in a lookup. FREE TRIAL

Limited Access Manager Pro
A quick and easy way to assign a single Access List to all the contacts, companies, or groups in the current lookup.

Lookup Contacts in Companies
A quick and easy way to create a lookup of all the contacts that belong to any of the companies in the current company lookup, or all of the contacts in any of the groups in the current group lookup. FREE TRIAL

Remove From Group
Easily remove all the contacts in the Current Lookup from any selected Group in an Act! database.

Quickly and easily select which previously designed and saved quote template to use as the "default" template for the next "Create Quote" operation. FREE TRIAL

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Northwoods Software Corporation

Mail Merge
Helps you create HTML templates and send them quickly to as many Act! contacts as you need to. Don't struggle with limited Merge tools. FREE TRIAL

Northwoods Automation Bundle
Northwoods Automation Bundle - essential automation for all of you busy salespeople and sales administrators. This bundle features three of Northwoods' outstanding products that work together beautifully. Automate: adding contacts to Act! from web forms, high volume email merging and sending and your correspondence, activities and decision-making. Save over $100. FREE TRIAL

Sales Automation Manager
Perfect Followup ... made easy!™ Sales Automation Manager (SAM) adds to Act! the power to automatically schedule activities and generate correspondence according to patterns (called "campaigns") that you define. FREE TRIAL

Web Prospect
Enter contact information received from your Web site directly into Act! without re-typing. Define which Web fields correspond to which Act! fields. Web Prospect can be set up to enter related data from the Web into Act! Notes -- for example, products the customer is interested in, or where they saw your ad. Reads input from File, Clipboard or directly from Outlook folder. Creates new contact, or merges if Name & Company match. Supports FrontPage "Send to" Form data. Map any Web field to any Act! field or Notes/History. Autoschedule followup activities. Works with Outlook 98 or 2000. FREE TRIAL

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Personal CRM

123 Data Fields Exporter
123 Data Fields Exporter. Single Click export! Simple, Fast, and Straight Forward export of data to .csv compliant files! FREE TRIAL

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Project KickStart

Project KickStart Pro 5
Looking for an easy-to-use project management program that seamlessly integrates with Act!? If so, Project KickStart is what you need. You can download a trial, plan a project, and send it to Act! in as little as 30 minutes.

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Resource Dynamics

Go-Global Web Enabling Technology
Access Act! (any version) from anywhere. anytime. right from a browser or Windows desktop (even from an airport kiosk with no client required). 100% functionality and at speeds you won't believe. It doesn't stop there! GO-Global allows you to access ANY application, including HelpDesk, Word, Excel, Accounting Applications, Outlook and more. Be prepared to be amazed. Take a FREE TEST DRIVE now.

Tele-Support HelpDesk
For Customer Service, HelpDesk, Technical Support, Call Center Operations and Call Tracking. Tracks calls from inception to resolution with full time keeping and billing, built-in knowledge base, call escalation, and detailed activity analysis. Free plugin allows non-support staff members to view helpdesk notes right from the contact record. Tele-Support HelpDesk is Sage certified and serving the Act! community since 1994. FREE TRIAL

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Seamless CRM

Seamless Opportunities

SEAMLESS OPPORTUNITIES makes quoting in Act! easy. Create quotes, tenders or proposals in minutes, create and customise your own templates using Microsoft Word, build your own product database with images, quote in different currencies and track your opportunities. FREE TRIAL

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Standss (South Pacific) Limited

QuickFile for Outlook PRO
File, Find, Manage and Organize Emails from your Outlook Inbox and Sent Items Folders. File your emails at the click of one button. FREE TRIAL

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Stonefield Query

Stonefield Query for Act!
Create the reports you need to run your business in just 5 easy steps. Pull data from Act! (even customized fields, Sales/Opportunities and Notes/History) and with our simple "wizard" interface, you'll be producing reports quickly and easily. FREE TRIAL

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Swiftpage is the first online email system for marketing and sales that is fully integrated in Act!. Bring user interaction scores from the email campaign into the Act! database to create a qualified Swiftpage Call List for sales. FREE TRIAL

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PDF Merge
Tired of wasting your time filling out the same PDF forms over and over? We can help! PDF Merge by SystemsNet is a great tool that has been designed to integrate directly with Act! By Sage offering tremendous time saving features for your company. With PDF Merge, companies can take the approved PDF forms, make them PDF fillable forms and merge data from within Act!, saving countless hours of work. This time saver helps reduce overhead in your company by providing a fast and efficient method for filling out the PDF applications. FREE TRIAL

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Template Zone

High Impact eMail
High Impact eMail is the fastest and simplest do-it-yourself email marketing tool available today. Send customized and personalized email newsletters, promotions and messages that have lasting impact with just a few simple clicks. With a super intuitive interface (no coding or design experience required), you can accomplish the look and feel of a professional design service in half the time and 1/10 the cost. Works with Act! versions 6.x and higher. FREE TRIAL

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TopLine Results Corp.

TopLine Alerts
TopLine Alerts is a notification program for Act! Windows or web. Alerts monitors activities and opportunities in your Act! database and sends customized email notifications. TopLine Alerts is designed to be installed on the server where Act! resides, but will also work on an individual workstation. Only one license of TopLine Alerts is needed to alert every user in the master database. TopLine Alerts automates the report process, saving you time and administrative resources. FREE TRIAL

TopLine Dash
Topline Dash is a powerful, highly flexible and easy to use real-time reporting tool for Act!. See combined data for all of the users in your database directly within the Act! application on one screen. FREE TRIAL

TopLine Designer
TopLine Designer is our most recent add-on for Act! which allows you to create custom tables when you need to track more than just basic field information in your database. Custom tabs can be added to the Company, Contact or Group to provide you with the ability to create highly customized industry-specific solutions. We include basic templates for you to use or modify. TopLine Designer is simple, flexible and powerful! FREE TRIAL


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Windswept Software

dbLink (formerly ACTAccess)
Transfer information between Act! (including Notes/History) and Access with a few mouse clicks. Update Act! or Access automatically or with your prompt. Works both ways. Associate a Microsoft Access database with an Act! database. Displayed with controls that allow easy navigation and mapping. FREE TRIAL

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Wolf's Byte Productions

Act! Training CDs by Wolf's Byte Productions
Training CD's for Act! by Douglas J. Wolf, an Act! Certified Consultant. Free technical support with every order.

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