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AddressGrabber Business
Single click data-entry and activity scheduler. Automatically extracts and enters into ACT! contact information and user defined fields. Also schedules activities such as calls and meetings in ACT! Use it to enter into ACT! details in email, web-sites or customer responses to web-forms. Most productive ACT! Add-on. Don't leave without test driving it. FREE TRIAL

AddressGrabber Standard
Enters contacts in email and web-sites. AddressGrabber Intelligently figures out all contact fields and enters them as a new ACT! contact in less than 5 seconds! Works like magic! FREE TRIAL

eMail Lead Grabber Business
eMail Lead Grabber Business is the ideal software for web lead prospecting and follow-up. eMail Lead Grabber Business automatically downloads emails from web forms and third-party sites, processes them into ACT!, Goldmine, Outlook, Excel, Access and assigns follow-up whenever a web form is filled out on your web site. FREE TRIAL



ListGrabber Standard
Capture address lists from sources such as YellowPages.com, whitePages.com, SmartPages.com, SuperPages.com, InfoSpace, Realtor.com and hundreds of other sites and transfer them as contacts into ACT! Also works with lists in Microsoft Word. Eliminates retyping! Works like magic! FREE TRIAL

ResumeGrabber Standard
Enter resumes in email, job-boards and PC Hard-disk into ACT! Intelligently figures out all candidate contact details from resume and creates candidate records in ACT!. Works like magic! FREE TRIAL







Endicia Internet Postage lets you print postage for your mail. All you need is a PC, an Internet connection, and a laser or inkjet printer.



Envelope Manager Software




High-end mail list management. CASS- and PAVE-certified sorting for First-Class and Standard Mail automation mailings, including periodicals presorts. Provides Turbo Dial-A-ZIP for faster Internet address correction, an extended, customizable database and DAZzle Designer for mailpiece design.

DAZzle Designer
Design and print any mailpiece, including Business Reply Mail, with built-in visual alarms for compliance with USPS regulations. This award-winning CASS-certified program also features Dial-A-ZIP and POSTNET barcoding.

DAZzle Express
Easy-to-use wizard interface guides the user through bulk mailings. First-Class or Standard Mail, Nonprofit and Carrier Route discounts possible. Includes DAZzle 2001 for mailpiece design and twelve month subscription to Endicia Internet Postage.

Envelope Manager LE
"Light" version of Envelope Manager PAVE. (No sorting for discount mailings.) Includes CASS-certified address checking, DAZzle Designer and a 12 month subscription to Endicia Internet Postage.

Envelope Manager PAVE
Our full-featured mail management program. CASS- and PAVE-certified sorting for First-Class and Standard Mail automation mailings. Includes a built-in address book and DAZzle Designer.






Plan, locate and map your ACT! contact list.



E Tech Systems Inc.




A collection of functions that complements the capabilities of ACT!

Data checking & editing software

Field-by-field merge of ASCII data into ACT!

Sales quotation software for any business


EW & Associates, Inc.




ACT! Quick Reference Cards
Now you can have the most widely used commands for ACT! 2006, 2005, ACT! 6, ACT! for Web and WiredContact right at your finger tips. Our laminated, two-sided, full color Quick Reference Cards have all the instructions on how to enter contacts, do a look-up, write a letter, schedule an activity, use the calendars, work with groups, create reports and more.







1-to-1 Contact Link
Add a button to your layout to quickly go from one contact to another. Ideal to create bidirectional links (to link spouses) or a unidirectional link (to link a contact to his/her lawyer, accountant, boss, etc.). There are no limit to the number of relationships you may create. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Do Not Call Lookup
Comply with the new FTC rules for telemarketing which require that telemarketers scrub their call lists every 31 days. Advanced Do Not Call Lookup allows you to quickly check phone numbers, contact, group or company records and build lookups of record that you may call or not call so that you can flag or delete them. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Drop-Down Lists
Advanced Drop-Down Lists helps data entry. With Advanced Drop-Down Lists, you may attach to your fields drop-downs items which depend on the value of another field. You may also create dynamic drop-downs which read on-the-fly the contact or company names of the members of one group. The ultimate flexibility in data entry that you were looking for! FREE TRIAL

Advanced Field Protection
Advanced Field Protection enhances the existing ACT! Field protection feature. It is designed to give you control over which user may enter data in your ACT! Fields. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Internet Services with Smart Data Collector
allows you to connect and query Internet services with your ACT! data by simply clicking a button. You may connect to phone directories, map services, search engines, industry directories and more in a snap. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Lookup By Group
Create cross-sections of groups, combine groups, exclude a lookup from a group, reverse lookups, find groupless contacts and more. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Sales Lookup
Lookup Sales/Opportunities by Product, Type, Quantity, Amount, Sales Stage or Forecasted Close Date. A must-have for all users of the Sales/ Opportunities module. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Sales Lookup, Export and Reports
Designed to help you manage your Sales Opportunities by combining three functions: elaborate Sales Lookup features; the ability to export your sales data to a CSV (Comma delimited) file for easy import into another program; and it allows you to create reports in Excel with formatting, sorting and totals in place. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Scheduling System
Advanced Scheduling System offers a completely new calendar interface to manage your activities in time slots. View at a glance which slots are available or occupied. Ideal for managing the calendar of your sales or technician teams, conference rooms, shared resources. A must for doctors, trainers or any professional with a fixed appointment schedule. FREE TRIAL

Change the color of your activities with one click, based on who they are scheduled for, what they are regarding, etc. FREE TRIAL

Custom Fill
Automatically create ID numbers for your contacts, do calculations involving field values, populate a field based on another field value, insert a date stamp, and more. FREE TRIAL

Associate a layout with each of your ACT! databases so that they open directly in the proper layout! Also allows you to define database-specific file locations (like documents, document templates, etc.). A must-have for multiple database users. FREE TRIAL

Excel Contact Reports for ACT!
Create contact reports in Excel with formatting, sorting and totals in a snap. Because it uses templates, there is no need to edit your reports once created! All fields may be exported. Sort your reports by whatever field you like (3 sort levels). FREE TRIAL

Excel Templates for ACT!
If you can create a Word template with ACT!, you can now create an Excel Template with ACT! We've made this as simple as possible, mimicking the way you create templates in MS Word or in the ACT! Word Processor. FREE TRIAL 

Excel Templates with Quote/Invoice Maker for ACT!
An enhanced version of Excel Templates for ACT!. You'll be able to merge Sales/opportunities data in your Excel spreadsheets, making the generation of quotes and invoices a snap. FREE TRIAL 

Allows you to associate a layout with a type of contact or group, so that when you view contacts or groups the layout associated with the current contact or group is automatically displayed. FREE TRIAL

LookUp Store
Quickly save and retrieve lookups. Automatically brings you back to the active contact that was present when the lookup was saved. FREE TRIAL

A fully customizable colored calendar in HTML. FREE TRIAL

Purge History for ACT!
Remove the unwanted history records that clog your contact, company and group records. Choose the history records you want to purge based on their type, their record manager, their date and their regarding field. FREE TRIAL

Allows you to make any type of calculations using your ACT! contact, company or group fields. Two versions are available. FREE TRIAL

TriggerCalc Pro
The Pro version supports more than 50 mathematical, conditional, date/time, string, format, financial and statistical functions. It even supports multi-level functions. FREE TRIAL


Global Data Vault




Mistral Managed Backup
A managed backup service providing secure, encrypted storage for easy restore of your critical data.



Information Optics Corp.




InfoOptics™ for Windows - Universal Data Translator
Creates a one-way or bidirectional synchronization between any two data formats. Integrate your ACT! database with your order entry, e-commerce, loan processing, accounting or any other database system. Improve productivity and increase revenue with InfoOptics.



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