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C2 Business Advisors, LLC




RemarkableMail is the fastest, easiest-to-use direct mailing software for ACT!. Now you can automatically send direct mail from ACT! without leaving your desk -- or licking a stamp! You design it. We print it. We mail it. Guaranteed!


CardScan, Inc.




CardScan Executive
Model 800 -- The best-selling business card reader in the market -- CardScan accurately gets business cards into ACT!. Don't have a business card? Just drag and drop. 



CMT Publications, Inc.




BlackBerry Made Simple e-Book
Learn all there is to know about your BlackBerry from first-time email setup to advanced email, phone, calendar, memo pad tips. Includes 100's of screen shots with step-by-step instructions. FREE PREVIEW

Learning Your BlackBerry Video Tutorial Series
Short Video Tutorials -- a revolutionary way to learn BlackBerry! These short video tutorials (most 3-5 minutes) will help you learn your BlackBerry. First time setup, email, phone, calendar, web, synchronization to your desktop and dozens of time-saving tips. FREE PREVIEW


CompanionLink Software




Classic Leather PDA Case
Holds any PDA, plus much more.

Companio 4'n1
A quality stylus, black and red ball point and .5mm pencil all in one!

Companio Quattro
A quality stylus, black ball point pen, highlighter pen and .5mm pencil all in one!

Supports sync with all the latest mobile devices, including Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry handhelds. Two-way sync for contacts, appointments, to-do lists, memos, opportunities, history, and custom fields. Supports linked contacts with appointments. Free unlimited technical support. CompanionLink Professional can synchronize multiple ACT! databases using the powerful Category Manager.

Deluxe Leather Travel Case
Larger than the Classic Case, holds any PDA plus much more.

Two-way sync between ACT! and Outlook.  Make changes in either program and DoubleLook will automatically synchronize them in real-time.  You don’t even need both programs running!

Two-way sync between ACT! and Lotus Notes.  Make changes in either program and DoubleNotes will automatically synchronize them in real-time.  You don’t even need both programs running!

Palm Starter Kit
Comes with 4 must-have accessories for any PDA owner and will save you a bundle to boot.

PocketPC Starter Kit
Comes with 4 must-have accessories for any PocketPC owner and will save you a bundle to boot.

Screen Cleaner
A must have for every PDA user.

Screen Protectors
One of the most useful accessories you will purchase for your PDA.

True Tip Finger Stylus
The first patented finger PDA stylus that really works! Just put it on your finger and watch your PDA respond.






Easy way to BUILD, SEND and TRACK "cooler" emails (emails with banners, images and links)







Export IT - Convert all your ACT! data to Excel, TXT, CSV, HTML. This includes appointments, notes, history, emails and users, database structure, dropdowns, opportunitys products. FREE TRIAL




CRM Computers, Inc.




The B.E.A.T. software program is a customized mortgage layout that includes hundreds of marketing templates to facilitate high trust, long-term relationships with your customers and strategic partners. Increase productivity and efficiency with the custom reports provided. FREE TRIAL






ACT!cess - Transfer all your ACT! data to a MS Access database including Notes/History, Activities, Groups, Opportunities, User Table, etc. One hundred percent of your ACT! data in MS Access. Great for creating extensive reports or data transfer in other applications. FREE TRIAL


ACT!look - ACT!look transfers ACT! contacts quick and easy to MS Outlook. From Outlook you can easily synchronize them with a PDA (palm, pocket pc, etc.) or mobile phone. FREE TRIAL


Data Fields Manager, Inc.




Data Fields Manager
Data Fields Manager provides users with the capability to perform repetitive field modification operations over an entire Outlook database with the click of a button! FREE TRIAL


Durkin Computing




Contact List Plus
With ACT! and Contact List Plus you can edit, visualize and organize your contacts in a new color enhanced editable format. Contact List Plus allows you to edit the contact list using textboxes, dropdowns and popup calendars. FREE TRIAL










LabelWriter by DYMO
Provides instant labels for the current record, current lookup or the entire ACT! database. Prints labels for shipping, file folders, videos, cassettes, 3.5 inch and ZIP disks, notebooks, name badges and internet postage. Prints high quality text, graphics and bar codes. Connects to USB or serial port. Includes printer, software, USB and serial cables, power cord, manual and one roll of shipping labels.






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