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Acending Technologies Corp.




QwikQuote is the leading software for customized sales quotes, invoices, and estimates. It's fast, accurate, easily modified, requires minimal typing, does instant recalculations, and links to the latest versions of leading contact-management software, such as ACT!, Goldmine, Outlook, and Telemagic. FREE TRIAL






ADS Programming Services




Crystal Clear Reports
Run 40 popular Crystal reports from your ACT! database without having Crystal Reports software installed on your machine. Reports can be exported to different formats including Excel, Word, PDF and XML.

GroupMaker will create groups automatically and populate them with contacts based on the contents of the fields in your ACT! database.

History Archive
Reduce your ACT! history table by writing selected date ranges to a Word Document and attaching the document to the applicable contact record. Your ACT! will love you for this … greater speed and performance.


LookupBadEmails will find all of the e-mail addresses with invalid syntax in your ACT! database and create a lookup of those contacts.

Outlook Send/Receive
Outlook Send/Receive will put a button at the right end of the toolbar in the Contact view in ACT! that will start Outlook in the background if it isn't running and make it do a send/receive. If Outlook is already running it will merely make Outlook do a send/receive.



Allied Financial Software, Inc.




Customized contact, client and office management for financial advisors.

Scan and Organize for ACT!
Connect your ACT! contacts to their associated documents and folders! Scan and manage documents from within the ACT! interface and become paperless. FREE TRIAL


ASDS Computer




Scan documents directly into your ACT! contact records right from the ACT! toolbar.

Put ACT! administrative functions on autopilot.

Enhanced Mail Merge for ACT!
Merge ACT! group fields into Microsoft Word Templates using familiar mail-merge interface. This is the only tool available to mail-merge group fields. The standard ACT! Mail Merge utility merges only contact fields.

Effortlessly fax ACT! documents to your contacts via the Internet.

Business Intelligence at your fingertips.

Sales Opportunity Monitor
Replace opportunity field labels with your own labels. Now see your ACT! Sales Opportunity and Completed Sale screens with the labels you want to see.


Aspire Technologies




QuoteWerks sales quoting software empowers businesses to increase productivity and close more sales by simplifying and streamlining the price quoting/estimating process both in the office and on the road. FREE TRIAL




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