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Real Estate

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Account-Researcher is the fastest and most accurate B2B social network prospecting tool available. Get complete contact details with just a name & company - title, email, phone, social media footprints, talking points. Also finds other decision makers in the company. FREE TRIAL

ACT Mobile Messenger

ACT Mobile Messenger is a fast communication tool that allows you to instantly send or schedule a SMS text message from ACT! to anyone/anytime/anywhere and record the details in the contact history. It is ideal for any application that requires instant communication as well as a record of the message being sent including message detail, date and time. It is also great for events, conferences, appointments, meeting confirmations, alerts and alarms. FREE TRIAL

Impact Calendar View

Impact Business Suite / Impact Calendar View Module / A must have contact management tool that delivers robust features and functionality you can't enjoy with the ACT! by Sage native view. FREE TRIAL

PDF Merge

Tired of wasting your time filling out the same PDF forms over and over? We can help! PDF Merge by SystemsNet is a great tool that has been designed to integrate directly with ACT! By Sage offering tremendous time saving features for your company. With PDF Merge, companies can take the approved PDF forms, make them PDF fillable forms and merge data from within ACT!, saving countless hours of work. This time saver helps reduce overhead in your company by providing a fast and efficient method for filling out the PDF applications. FREE TRIAL




RemarkableMail™ is the fastest, easiest-to-use direct mailing software for ACT!. Now you can automatically send direct mail from ACT! without leaving your desk -- or licking a stamp! You design it. We print it. We mail it. Guaranteed! 


Swiftpage is the first online email system for marketing and sales that is fully integrated in ACT!. Bring user interaction scores from the email campaign into the ACT! database to create a qualified Swiftpage Call List for sales. FREE TRIAL



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Account-Researcher is the fastest and most accurate B2B social network prospecting tool available. Get complete contact details with just a name & company - title, email, phone, social media footprints, talking points. Also finds other decision makers in the company. FREE TRIAL


Now you can manage your Job Orders and Candidates with Placements for ACT!, a very complete solution for Executive Search, Recruitment Professionals. Contains sophisticated resume keyword search; Candidates get associated with jobs by status (Posted, Submitted, Interview, rejected (Why) Custom dashboard shows Jobs that need your attention, candidates who are moving through particular jobs. FREE TRIAL



ResumeGrabber Suite

Mass Resume Import Tool for ACT!. The software can capture resumes from any online source, Outlook and PC folders and import them into your ACT!. FREE TRIAL


Remote Access

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Go-Global Web Enabling Technology

Access ACT! (any version) from anywhere. anytime. right from a browser or Windows desktop (even from an airport kiosk with no client required). 100% functionality and at speeds you won't believe. It doesn't stop there! GO-Global allows you to access ANY application, including HelpDesk, Word, Excel, Accounting Applications, Outlook and more. Be prepared to be amazed. Take a FREE TEST DRIVE now.


Tele-Support HelpDesk

For Customer Service, HelpDesk, Technical Support, Call Center Operations and Call Tracking. Tracks calls from inception to resolution with full time keeping and billing, built-in knowledge base, call escalation, and detailed activity analysis. Free plugin allows non-support staff members to view helpdesk notes right from the contact record. Tele-Support HelpDesk is Sage certified and serving the ACT! community since 1994. FREE TRIAL



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Shows companies and divisions, or groups and subgroups including their contacts, in a logical tree. Also lookups from company selections to contacts. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Layout Tools -- Graphics Pack!

Create graphs directly in your layout! With the ChartBar and ProgressBar controls, you can better visualize your records data with great looking graphics. No need to run reports. Your graphs are updated when browsing through records. FREE TRIAL

Advanced Sales Lookup, Export and Reports

Designed to help you manage your Sales Opportunities by combining three functions: advanced Opportunities Lookup features; the ability to export your sales data to a CSV (Comma delimited) file for easy import into another program; and easy creation of reports in Excel with formatting, sorting and totals. For instance, calculations may be run automatically in Excel to create Commission reports. FREE TRIAL

Crystal Clear Essentials

Built using the world's most popular report generator, Crystal Clear Essentials delivers vital information to managers and executives in a way that is not possible using the built-in ACT! report generator. FREE TRIAL

DataPlus by HD for e-automate

User access to critical and statistical information from e-automate to your contacts in ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2007. Data is automatically pushed daily to custom fields in ACT! and "REAL TIME" e-automate data can be viewed in ACT!. FREE TRIAL




GroupMixer: Create new lookups by combining or excluding group memberships. FREE TRIAL

Impact Contact List

Impact Business Suite / Impact Contact List Module is a powerful ACT! Addon that facilitates access to most features saving time with contact management. FREE TRIAL

Report Designer

Report Designer is built for ACT! and ACT! only. It provides all tools necessary to create professional reports of virtually any type, including hierarchical master-detail reports from custom tables, table and multi-column reports, as well as interactive drill-down and drill-through reports. 30-DAY FREE TRIAL

Smart Notes for ACT!

The most amazing data mining tool for ACT! Create manual sticky notes and attach to contacts, companies, opportunities, and activities. Reminds you of important information about contacts and allows you to share with others. Also, create rules that can display notes when data in your customer record matches user defined rules. Low cost. FREE TRIAL

Stonefield Query for ACT!

Create the reports you need to run your business in just 5 easy steps. Pull data from ACT! (even customized fields, Sales/Opportunities and Notes/History) and with our simple "wizard" interface, you'll be producing reports quickly and easily. FREE TRIAL

Tab Indicators for ACT!

Tab Indicators for ACT! notifies you when conditions you set, occur in your ACT! database. Never miss important information again! FREE TRIAL

TopLine Dash

Topline Dash is a powerful, highly flexible and easy to use real-time reporting tool for ACT!. See combined data for all of the users in your database directly within the ACT! application on one screen. FREE TRIAL





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