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ACT! HTML Mail Merge: A Guide
Send out individual eMails to contacts using High Impact Email and your ACT! database. Use the Mail Merge feature to send out to groups of your ACT! contacts. Have history written for each contact when they're sent a message.
--from TemplateZone


Email Newsletters 101: A Small Business Reference Guide
Writing effective email newsletter content, including titles & subject lines. Best practices information, including how to make a call to action, archiving & mixing information with promotional content. Design, layout and HTML versus text email. Distribution, list management and deliverability issues. Your email newsletter and Search Engine Optimization. How to use High Impact eMail to develop the email newsletter.
--from TemplateZone


Skype Dialer for ACT!
Dial from ACT! using Skype. If you like it, there is a full blown product that allows you to Create a History record of your Skype calls, convert ACT! contacts into Skype Contacts, mute and more. Works with ACT! 2007 and newer.
--from PersonalCRM


A FREE AddOn which places a special version of Internet Explorer on a tab (ACTEx) within ACT! to more closely link specific web pages to each contact and quickly attach entire pages (or parts of it) to the contact.
--from Windswept Software


AddressGrabber Basic for Outlook
AddressGrabber Basic for Outlook makes it easy to add contacts from emails that you receive. Just open the email, right click on 'From' and select 'Add' to contacts. The sender's name and email address are added to your Outlook Address Book.
--from eGrabber


Duplicate Analyzer
Finds duplicates that ACT! does not.
eGrabber Duplicate Analyzer scans your entire ACT! database and generates a brief report on the number and types of duplicates. It identifies duplicates that are often created through data entry errors (Robert = Robret), common abbreviations (HP = Hewlett Packard) and lots more. Free scan is limited to 250,000 records. Limited period offer!
--from eGrabber


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