DIAL|IT (Tapi)Click your way to efficient call workflow in Act!. Dial and answer calls, update and add new contacts, create history and schedule activities

DIAL|IT is a powerful addon for Act! that acts as a CRM Workflow. It allows you to manage your work with the click of a mouse. All necessary tabs and icons are in one screen:

DIAL|IT main screen

Call a Contact  Call from Clipboard  Go to Last Contact  Contact List  DIAL|IT Report  To Do  List of Phone Calls  Send an Email  DIAL|IT Configuration

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Incoming calls

Identification -- Displays a predefined PopUp with the contact information at the first ringing of the phone
Forwarding -- Internal / external forwarding of incoming calls
Use Headset -- Call can be adopted with a single mouse click
Unknown number -- Add the number to any Act! contact or create a new contact

Outgoing calls

Dial by mouse click -- Rather than dialing the number by hand you can do this now by just a single click directly from your computer. There are no more misdials and you benefit from an enormous time savings.
Speed dial -- Select a particular phone field. If this number is available the call will start automatically, if there is no number the selection dialog appears with all the numbers of this contact
Direct Dialing -- If only one number exists, DIAL|IT dials out directly, without showing the dialog with all phone numbers of this contact
Call from clipboard -- Direct call out of the clipboard. Choose whether you want to add this number to an existing or create a new contact.


Internal numbers -- Record of internal calls
Integration -- Seamless integration with Act!
History -- Records every conversation as history entry in Act!
Activity -- During the interview you can arrange appointments
Automatic activity -- Planning an activity for all unanswered calls
ToDo List -- View your task list, this can be defined due to a lot of selection options. Decide whether the task shall be marked by starting the call or after the end.
Spellchecker -- Details in the text elements will be compared with the OpenOffice dictionaries, the spellchecker may then offer alternative spellings and word suggest
Report Generator -- Create reports for history. Various selection possibilities such as history type, user or time frame of the history


You can specify the phone number and Email-Schema according to “Belongs to company” field of the receiver, save histories to the proper company and see “Belongs to company” field information during an inbound call in a small pop up window.

DIAL|IT's interface of convenient toolbar icons and customizable sticky pop-up windows is easy to learn, easy to teach, and easy to use. Click your way to efficient call workflow with DIAL|IT for Act!

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$74.04 -- 1 User / Skype
$206.25 -- 1 User / Standard
$235.93 -- 1 User / Advanced
$280.45 -- 1 User / Pro

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Sykpe Function (BASIC and ADVANCED Edition) is currently not available on the basis of a Skype API defect. We are working on Skype for business …

DIAL|IT comes in four versions:

  • Basic / Skype only
  • Standard / TAPI only
  • Advanced / Both
  • Professional / Call Center



  • Download this UTILITY to see if DIAL|IT will work on your phone.
  • Watch VIDEO on how to use the UTILITY, or follow the INSTRUCTIONS below.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: After installing, click "Start Session" and enter a phone number in the Scheduled field. Then click "Make Call". If you can make a call your telephone system is TAPI-compatible. If not, have your telephone provider install a TAPI-compliant driver.

Note: This utility was recommended by the manufacturer of DIAL|IT, but has not been tested by the AddOnStore.

Learn about TAPI is and how it works with DIAL|IT?


Most TAPI modems do not support Vista or Windows 7 and the support for Windows XP is not good. This is the only one the manufacturer has tested and can recommend for hardwire phones. Click here for more details.

System Requirements:

  • Phone with TAPI driver (USB, serial, network) - SIP device that can handle TAPI
  • For smooth and fast operating we recommend at least 2 GB of RAM
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7 & 8 (32/64 bit)

Compatible with:

  • Last three versions of Act! v17 & Newer

Technical Support


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UPGRADES: All addons from CRMADDON Factory are bound to and valid for the version of Act! they were initially registered. If you upgrade your version of Act!, you will be required to upgrade your CRMADDON. (If you upgrade your Act! version within 2 months of purchase, the CRMADDON is free). Below describes how much the upgrade will cost:
-- When Act! is upgraded by one version, the fee for license renewal for the addon is 30% of the current price.
-- When Act! is upgraded by two versions, the fee for license renewal for the addon is 45% of the current price.
-- When Act! is upgraded by three versions, the fee for license renewal for the addon is 60% of the current price.

Please call 800 806-5288 to obtain the correct upgrade.

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      VERSION Users Price    
    SKYPE VERSION        
    For Act! v17 and newer 1 $74.04 Buy Now  
    1 $74.04 Buy Now  
    For Act! v17 and newer 1 $206.25 Buy Now  
      2-4 Each $146.90    
      5-9 Each $132.06    
      10+ Each $117.22    
    For Act! v17 and newer 1 $235.93 Buy Now  
      2-4 Each $176.58    
      5-9 Each $161.74    
      10+ Each $132.06    
    For Act! v17 and newer 1 $280.45 Buy Now  
      2-4 Each $221.09    
      5-9 Each $191.42    
      10+ Each $161.74    

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